Dongfeng PSA Heads to Chengdu With Fourth Factory

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    citroen-cng.jpgPSA announced earlier today that the company is planning its fourth factory in China to further boost sales, especially in the booming Western markets.


    Over the course of 2013 PSA sold a combined 550,000 units in the Chinese market and has aspirations of selling 650,000 in 2014. PSA’s original goal for 2013 was to reach 500,000 units but as PSA had an exceptionally strong showing in the end of 2012 sales for 2013 were increased to 550,000 which PSA are saying the have reached comfortably.


    PSAs next step is to boost its offerings in the lucrative Western markets which are expected to give the largest amount of growth over the next decade as east coast cities reach critical point in the number of cars offered. Chengdu has been selected as the location for the company’s fourth production site in China which will boost production levels from the current 600,000 units per year to around 850,000 units per year.


    According to media reports PSA are hoping to achieve sales of around 800,000 units by 2015. PSA believes sales will be increased with the introduction of three new models over the course of 2014 which includes a new small SUV, as well as new models in the A and B segments.



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