MG Engine Plan Exposed

Version 3

    SAIC’s stewardship of the MG brand and their own Roewe brand seems to have been shaky at best, the Roewe brand has suffered from a lack of fresh metal over the past few years whilst MG hasn’t been the MG that most would expect of a 100 year old British sports car brand. That is going to change with the introduction of more turbo assisted engines as well as seven speed dual clutch gearboxes.


    SAIC is planning to take the ‘N Plan‘ from theory to practice – the plan was formed 5 years ago when SAIC took over Rover’s IP which included the furthering and development of existing technology to bring SAIC’s own technology range to international accepted levels.


    The N Plan covers diesel and gasoline engines which will focus on a New Large Engine (NLE) and also a New Small Engine (NSE) which will be put into placed in a new mid size sedan and a small car, whilst the diesel engines are to be New Diesel Engines (NDE). The 2.0T engine is expected to debut in the MG CS SUV when it launches later in 2014.


    SAIC’s forthcoming 1.0T will use direct injection to produce 102bhp/75kW of power and will be placed in SAIC’s new small vehicles, possibly even the MG3. Two more engines, a 1.2T and a 1.4T are also in development, with the 1.4T being deployed in the MG5 Coupe that is expected to air in early 2014. The 1.4T is thought to be similar to the GM unit as both companies have been working on developing a 1.4T unit.


    2014 is expected to be a key year for the MG and Roewe brands with models in each segment benefiting from new engine and gearbox technology. In particular, the Roewe 950 will see its 2.4L and 3.0L models terminated in favor of a 2.0T and will be paired to SAIC’s first self developed DCT gearbox, whilst the Roewe 350 will receive the MG5′s 1.5T engine.