3.5 – Connected Mobility: Obstacles To Overcome

Version 3


    Although the ITS market is expanding rapidly, there are still some obstacles to overcome and many risks to be anticipated. The main challenges include:




    Computer piracy, hacking, bugs

    . Cars infected with viruses

    . Hackers or cyber-terrorists taking control of vehicles or a transport network

    . Bug making certain commands, infrastructures or equipment inoperable or erratic


    The vulnerability of cars to hacking was highlighted in an American study

    . Greater computer and electronic security expertise for manufacturers

    . Increased collaboration between all ITS and connected car players (vehicles, telecoms, Internet, etc.)

    Data confidentiality

    The increased number of files relating to the driver (subscription to an interactive service, electronic toll collection, car apps for smartphones, etc.) increases the risks of piracy, disclosure and fraudulent use of data, invasion of privacy

    . Strengthening of computer protection system for data

    . Creation of secure communication standards

    . Compliance with laws and regulations protecting privacy

    Fragmentation of players

    . Increased number of players (governments, authorities, manufacturers, technology companies, etc.) operating in ITS

    . Development of competing standards for communication between vehicles and infrastructures

    . Restriction of certain services to a town, state or country

    . Development of partnerships and consortiums integrating many dimensions: public and private, local and international, cars and public transport, Internet and industry, etc.

    . Creation of ITS policies at country or continent level

    . Improved interoperability of systems