NISSAN slowly built stations CHADEMO

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    Nissan LEAF Charging Port

    Construction CHADEMO stations is essential, to allow drivers on long journeys.

    The CHADEMO stations in the United States that load to 80% in half an hour battery is the number of 633, of which 180 are in Nissan dealerships in June 2014, while it was 160 in January 2014, the objective posted Nissan Leaf is to reach about 1800 stations late 2015 early 2016, the main stations are located in areas of Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas.

    The spokesman Brian Brockman Nissan Leaf to confirm all the above figures and added that companies like NRG, through its Evgo program, also add CHADEMO chargers across the country and continue to do so in partnership with Nissan Leaf .

    This is also good news for Mitsubishi drivers and future drivers of the Kia Soul EV that are compatible CHADEMO model.