Will we have cars, without drivers in the future?

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    Robyn Beck/AFP, Range Rover without driver, equipped with an auto-car software developed by Valeo, a demonstration at a trade show in Las Vegas, le 8 janvier 2014.


    A car with no one inside, to park, that is what offers, the Swedish manufacturer Volvo or OEM French Valeo, these are only prototypes, But who could be proposed series 2020.

    Some cars are capable of making decisions for the driver, this is the coupé CLS Mercedes and can take in emergency risk of accident if the driver does not intervene, or BMW, which prevent, in the event of involuntary crossing line, or can go on autopilot in the traffics.

    Of driving aids already exists, but the goal of seeing cars without drivers is 2020, 2030.

    What are They the objectives? Firstly, reduce accidents, 90% are due to human errors, communicating them cars and road infrastructure, traffic flow, and reduce fuel consumption. We able to imagine a service automatic car, which pick you up wherever you want.

    The California-business Google, tested for 5 years of Japanese cars filled with sensors. It manufactures its own electric prototypes that can run without anyone aboard, based on his experience in the internet and mapping.


    The prototype of the Google autonomous car driving. Photo Reuters.

    However, automakers say not worried about competition from Google, "The car is a profession, it is necessary to know to make it live," says the CEO of Renault and Nissan, Carlos Ghosn. A player in this sector explains that Google car is 60 000 euros.
    Ford is prudent, the quality of sensors and artificial intelligence are not yet at the desired level. If for the next decade of autonomous cars on the highway will be possible, but  in urban areas, with pedestrians and cyclists, the situation will be more difficult.


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