Desulphurisation of fuels

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    The harmful effects of sulfur in humans is known, bronchial obstruction and temporary or permanent decrease in respiratory rate are the main effects. Sulphur is also responsible for acid rain and the nuisance operating pots catalysts, pollution, which equip the car exhaust pots.


    Proportion of sulfur in oil:

    Fossil fuels naturally contain sulfur. Crude oil contains on average about 1.5% sulfur content will increase by about 5% in the coming years, due to the scarcity of oil, and especially the use of lower quality crudes.

    How desulphurize?

    With hydrogen, the sulfur content in the crude oil is removed during the refining step, by a process called hydrotreating.
    The hydrogen reacts with the hydrocarbon molecules containing atoms of sulfur, to form a new molecule: hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

    The hydrogen sulphide thus produced is then oxidized in sulfur recovery units, including the use of oxygen. The recovered sulfur can then be recovered in the chemical industry, for example, for manufacturing rubber, useful for the vulcanization step of the rubber mix, passing from the plastic state to the elastic state, when cooking (a rubber mixture before baking, with an expiration date passed, we can see white spots that appear, it is the suffering which migrates to the surface).