Ecofriendly Transportation (ET) : towards the future of transport

Version 1

    Today, one of the main challenges for the future is transport.


    We want to ask you this : What do you think your future transport will look like ?


    One year ago, we asked ourselves this very question and thought of a new concept for urban transportation. We thought it would have to answer the issues of pollution, safety and congestion. But it also needs to meet the requirements of a changing society : accessibility to everyone, connectivity, a use 24/7.


    We created a solution that merges the advantages of both public and private transport. We came up with an idea of a transport completely integrated to the urban eco-system.


    The attached poster will give you an overview of this solution : the ET project. We are presenting on Friday 14th at 10am (forum). If you want to learn more about this, feel free to join us.


    See you tomorrow !


    The ET Team (booth C20).