100% finish rate on Michelin Hackathon Challenge Bibendum

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    Over 4 days, Hackathon has been the hottest spot on Michelin Global Summit in Chengdu, China between Nov 11th and 14th 2014: coding, coding, coding! 75 participants in 14 teams never stop.



    With the theme of sustainable mobility, the teams presented a variety of 1-minute ideas on the first afternoon, ranging from LBS for personal safety, bicycle riding to gain coupons to carpooling based on university campus. The mentors are committed to stay with the teams, checking out the progress every morning and helping to break the bottlenecks on App development and business model. On the final demo, all 14 teams finished their projects and were ready for presenting their works to jury and audience. 100% finish rate, thanks to all teams’ persistence and mentors’ continuous coaching and encouragement.


    The teams and their projects are:

    1.    Blue Crystal team for Yoja

    2.    Bubble & Zing team for Ecycle

    3.    Coding rapidly team for FLEXI

    4.    Cut ji team for Green Run

    5.    Hercules team for Hercules carpooling

    6.    JDoIt team for battery recharge locations

    7.    Nahan team for Biking

    8.    Outman team for Watcher

    9.    Panda team for personal safety guardian

    10. Sciencentic team for campus carpooling

    11. Travel green team for mobility related environmental footprint index

    12. wipGENIX team for Cloud Location

    13. Canda team for Pocket Bus

    14. Easy 4S team for car sharing during 4S maintenance



    The Grand jury app won 20,000 yuan Amazon gift card and the community best won 10,000 yuan gift card. Another two teams won the Parrot drones for the 3rd prizes.


    Nahan won the Grand jury award for its “Let’s go biking” app. With its fresh UI and creative ideas to encourage healthy and environmental friendly lifestyle, 2 developers and 2 designers won the highest score from the Jury.



    Panda won the community best for its LBS based personal safety app. With the data mining, the app reminds the users of the potential personal safety threats and calls for help through Cloud once the cell phone is disconnected. 2 team members, both university students, develop this app based on their own experience that parents are concern about their safety.


    Blue Crystal coming from SAP American and Chengdu offices, developed an App to monitor driving habits and help drivers to improve, which can prevent the road accidents and traffic congestion caused by bad driving manners. By partnering with the insurance companies, Yoja sets up an intelligent win-win business model.


    Blue Crystal.jpg

    wipGENIX pays attentions on GPS for navigation. They connected the mobile phone with navigation in the car through mobile App, to better store location information and easily guide to available parking. It applies well into shared cars or not-updated navigation system. wipGENIX was formed during this Hackathon, with 2 developers from WIPRO Chengdu, 1 developer from CGI France, 1 designer from Sichuan University and 1 idea generator from Chengdu local startup.