Call for an ambitious and credible climate agreement in Paris

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    COP 21 Paris 2015 : The Climate Economics Chair of Paris-Dauphine University and the Toulouse Shool of Economics jointly launched a call for an ambitious and convincing agreement within the framewok of the Paris climate conference. This call strives for the reintroduction of economic instruments in the debate, in order to take a decisive step towards the final goal of a global carbon price.


    The call of the economists focusses around three major principles:

    - All nations should utimately face the came CO2 price

    - Carbon pricing should motivate universal participation

    "Free rider" behavior must be hindered


    Despite of all the difficulties in the negotiation process since 2009, the success of COP21 is still within reach if the parties manage to create a cooperative framework based on economic  incentives that have a global impact. The Paris conference may mark an important step forward

    if it manages to raise a prevalent support and leads to greater transparency. The signatories of  this Call want to pave way for credible solutions by recalling the policy makers the key role of economic enticements in a global climate agreement.