My Key Insights from Intelligent Mobility Workshop by Frost&Sullivan

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    Constant : Uber was mentioned in every presentation,  market is at risk of being futher disrupted by Uber-like (No ownership, No Product), Door to door is the way forward - driven by private and public integration.



    1. New actors are entering the ecosystem : Nvidia (computer processors) works with Audi in Machine Learning Automation, DropBox is looking at the connected/autonomous car opportunity, Xerox is doing process engineering in the transport sector
    2. With connected and autonomous cars, cybersecurity is becoming a hotspot in the market getting a lot of attention. (F35 Fighter has 24million lines of code, in 2020, cars will have 100+million)
    3. New mobility  will impact car design, size and shape towards standardization (unified taxi fleet is the way cities chose, Shared fleets, autonomous cars) in the meantime, mobility solution will be more and more tailored to customer groups (women, young, ageing)
    4. Government support will trigger the success of autonomous cars (Lord Rosser [UK] : Governement has to fund research and infrastructure, adapt regulation, co-ordinate old/new mobility solutions, ensure adapted education)
    5. Corporate mobility is accelerating with a blurred line between business&pleasure : "bleisure"