Let's Drive Smartly! Discover our new booklet on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Version 2

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    Connected vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) provide one of the technical and economic solutions to the transportation challenge facing the 21st century.


    Today’s growing, worldwide population wants to be more mobile and in total safety, all of this in a context of limited energy resources and the need to protect the environment. While many programs are currently under way, we are still at the threshold of this new era, both in terms of implications and implementation. Connected mobility heralds a revolution for the “digital traveler”, which will pave the way for new economy of time and space.


    Moreover, ITS raise sensitive political issues that lead to heated debates, such as “How can the transparency of the data, without which ITS cannot function, be guaranteed whilst respecting privacy?”, “How is it possible to manage the daily transport of a vast majority of the population without depriving individuals of their freedom of choice?” This booklet covers the key aspects of the topic.