A summary of the Didi _Uber's yesterday's rival in China, today's rival in US, India and South East Asian Countries

Version 1

    Didi is also called « Didi Kuaidi », « Didi Chuxing », « Didi Dache », a plate-form started in 2012 by an under-30 Chinese software engineer.


    1. Didi’s business miracle surpass that of Uber in term of operating result

    For 2015, Didi has realized 7 million ride per day and 1.45 billion ride for the whole year. While Uber reached its 1 billionth ride world wide since its operation only recently: in London in Christmas period of 2015

    For more information: have a look at this article: http://uk.businessinsider.com/didi-kuaidi-did-one-billion-rides-in-2015-2016-1?r=US&IR=T And http://techcrunch.com/2016/01/12/didi-kuaidi-api/


    2. Didi proposes multiple services via one single APP :

    Through its mulch-fonctioning platform, Didi proposes diverse mobilities services, like private car, taxi, social carpooling service Hitch, Didi bus, enterprise services.

    This same platform also proposes other services that are not directly linked with mobility service but helps to reduce mobility need or improve mobility experience, like: 

         -Home-visiting Doctor: to call a doctor of your choice to your door to do a diagnosis;

         -Social matching function for the social carpooling service:  to allow drivers of carpooling to choose passengers he prefer to spend time with. For more information on this point, this article on South China Morning Post: http://www.scmp.com/tech/start-ups/article/1875580/social-media-wheels-chinas-didi-kuaidi-no-longer-taxi-app-offers

        -Test of driving experience: to order from one’s home a test of car driving experience. For more information: have a look at this press release by Ford: http://www.at.ford.com/news/cn/Pages/Lincoln%20China%20and%20Didi%20Announce%20Partnership%20Allowing%20For%20On%20Demand%20Test%20Drives.asp


    3. Didi has strong Internationale ambition embodied by three key words: strong innovation + technically open source  + international strategic partnership

               (a) Didi invests in Uber’s US competitor Lyft which has just made an alliance with General Motor to work on their shared vision of automatic car

    The American rival of Uber, Lyft launched a new funding rising in January 2016 of an amount exceeding 1 billion dollars. The investors are General Motor (500 million), Kingdom Holding Company represented by Saodian prince Ben Talal (100 million), and three online company with unclear amount of invest: the Japanese online commence Rakuten, two Chinese companies Alibaba and Didi.

    For information, check this le Figaro article:  http://www.lefigaro.fr/secteur/high-tech/2016/01/04/32001-20160104ARTFIG00248-general-motors-s-allie-avec-un-rival-d-uber-pour-developper-des-voitures-autonomes.php

               (b) An international strategic partnership that produces seamless car service covering 50% of the world’s population

    In 2015 Didi signed partnerships with Lyft (second TVC in the US behind Uber), Ola (first TVC in India), Grab Taxis (first Southestern countries TVC based in Singapore and operated) which permit the users of any of these four APPs to get a taxis services from the end of the first trimester of 2016 in all the countries covered by any of the four Apps. For more information, check this India Today article: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/auto/story/lyft-chinas-didi-kuaidi-expand-alliance-to-india-se-asia/1/538476.html


    4. By setting its 2018 target at providing 30 million ride per day, Didi aims at introducing a new life style that "purchases mobility service" instead of "buy individual private cars", at developing itself into the center of an international mobility ecosystem


              (a) Revolution of « driving his own car »  life style: The founder of Didi, the now 32 years-old software engineer and salesman Cheng Wei has said in an internal communication that he believes: “using Didi private car service” will eventually substitute and replace “driving his own car”, which considers is not an economic, environmental-friendly, convenient and time-saving solution. He believes that more and more people will abandon the idea of buying his own car, instead they will simply purchase private car service to meet his temporary need.

               (b)Construction of a complex transportation ecosystem: Jean LIU, the female president of Didi who is the daughter of the founder of Chinese IT giant Lenovo, the Chinese entrepreneurs' captain, said that Didi looks for future opportunities in mobility related fields like logistic, assurance and financial services


               (c) Change of daily mobility experience: By 2018, Didi aims to achieve realizing 30 million rides per day, and allowing 10 million drivers (full-time or part-time together) to earn money, and assuring that a mobility service need could be met within 3 minutes after demand being launched on the Didi platform.

    This last part is translated by Xuan LIU Chinese text based on information collected from <White Paper of Didi’s Social Responsibility> (September 2015) and an online industrial article (http://www.acqiche.com/?p=2250).