Volkswagen calls Europe to support electric mobility

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    For Volkswagen's CEO, it is impossible for the electric car to breakthrough the market without the support of Europe and the Members States. Industrialists and politicians must work together to bring out the sector.


    "Do not let the car of the future to the Silicon Valley! "Speaking at the traditional New Year reception of the manufacturer in Brussels, the President of the Volkswagen Group, Matthias Müller, called for closer collaboration between industry and policy makers to ensure that Europe will keep its leadership technology. "Whether on autonomous car or electric car, the manufacturer believes that Europe must "lead the way in terms of infrastructure and appropriate legislative framework".

    "The efforts made by our industry alone are not enough," said Matthias Müller, adding that a "real breakthrough for electric mobility will only be achieved if the policies, society and the authorities work together more closely."

    "Customer confidence in electric mobility will increase in the presence of visible and operational infrastructure," he said.

    In his speech, the President of Volkswagen has also promised that he would focus "more than ever" on sustainable development with the presentation of a new strategy in 2025 this summer. Already, the goal is to launch twenty rechargeable electric or hybrid models by 2020.

    "We use the current crisis to fundamentally realign the Group's structure. I strongly believe that we now have the chance to build a new and better Volkswagen, "he said.

    Do you think that cooperation is possible ?