Egypt set to test home designed grain transportation truck in June, 2018

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    Egypt is set to test a truck designed by home grown innovators from the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AENRI), under the leadership of the institute’s vice chairman for research "Mohamed Al-Kholy" to positively impact on the wheat loses during transportation from the fields to the storage silos.


    French Résumé: L'Egypte conçoit des camions avec des technologies qui réduisent les pertes de grains pendant le transport vers les greniers à céréales, en visant le zéro déchet, et en s'attaquant à d'autres problèmes liés au stockage. A tester dans la prochaine saison de récolte en juin 2018, et à l'échelle de la production si et seulement si elle réussit.


    The truck design features an inflated system that uses compressed air to pull the grains inside the vehicle. This makes sure that the wheat can be transported without any damage be it on the bumpy roads in the rural places.


    According to Mohamed Abdel-Moneim, head of the Faculty of Agriculture at Zagazig University in Egypt, He said “the innovation could also be used to transport imported grain, which is subject to similar problems.”


    Evaluated last December, 2017, the truck is set to be tested during the next harvest season in June, 2018.

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    According to Mohamed Al-Kholy, he said "The truck is also equipped with a precise system to record the weight of the crop and estimate the price for the farmer in the field."


    But then there are doubts for the future of the innovation due to the upcoming presidential elections in March, 2018 that would leave most of the lead team out of their positions and responsibilities. Thus chances to hinder the development cycle of the truck.




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