Senga: Kenya’s e-shipping startup

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    Kenya’s Senga operates an on-demand platform connecting shippers and road-based transporters of goods.


    The relative cost of moving goods in East Africa is one of the highest in the world, leading to up to 75% of a product cost's going to logistics compared to 6% in some other regions like the US.




    With the aim of improving efficiency across the East African logistics space, Senga has an approach to improve visibility and transparency of the supply and demand elements of transportation, to achieve more relevant, affordable, and effective logistics.




    Launched in October, 2016, Senga platform specializes in moving truckloads across Kenya’s cities, with the future aim of expanding to international transport services in the rest of Africa.


    Shippers and transporters register on, which matches items needing transporting with drivers covering the respective routes.


    Senga uses an escrow service. It does not submit the final payment to the transporter until the shipper confirms delivery.


    Senga has a wide network of reliable transporters. Clients are allowed to review every transporter so that high service standards are maintained.


    According to June Adongo, founder; she says “We can service trips from Nairobi to Uganda now, for instance, but we don’t want to rush unnecessarily. We want to stay focused and to become excellent in our offerings, step by step. We know that Rome was not built in a day. We will expand to the EAC and SADC in the future, and to other parts as well.”


    “We are doing everything in stages. As an example, we have started with trips initiating from Nairobi to other parts of Kenya. Next, we’ll begin to take requests from other parts of the country,” she added.


    Using Senga web-based platform

    Senga Image.png

    In conclusion, the startup is still in its early stages but one for the future to transport goods from one place to the other in the different cities and towns of East Africa.




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