Linebooker: South Africa's online freight transport business.

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    Launched in February 2017, Linebooker is an online transport management company that matches trucks with loads in Cape Town. Enhancing South Africa’s freight transport industry.

    In South Africa, transport remains the most significant portion of logistics costs measured at 58%. Currently, more than half of the cost of products is due to the process of ensuring they are at the right place, at the right time.


    Linebooker simply uses technology to facilitate online bidding and delivery execution with a platform that allows more transporters to compete and more customers to receive the best price. Linebooker is not a broker, but an online transport business.


    Delivery load is matched with the best possible price allowing the customer to save on transport costs, but saving time on administration too.

    At Linebooker, simplicity is brought to the way goods are transported, giving customers full control of choice and transparent pricing. The load is monitored from beginning to end and all administrative work is handled.


    Transporters too access the online bidding system which assists with lane balancing and reduce the need to subcontract. Linebooker administers and facilitates end-to-end management. Transporters bid and drive.


    The platform  recently expanded its offering to manage all disciplines of primary transport, including agricultural raw materials and finished goods.

    Today Linebooker counts over 60 Transporters, with a capacity of over 2000 Vehicles, coming with over 1000 Deliveries.


    Linebooker success counts on being a technology that is attached to CCS Logistics and the Oceana Group that have a lot more experience of over 44 years in the industry.


    CCS Logistics stands for Commercial Cold Storage Logistics. Facilitates transport and storage solutions in the major centers and Harbours of South Africa and Namibia. In 2013, services were expanded to include order and case picking as well as transport. See Figure below.


    CCS Logistics Southern Africa presence points

    CCS Logistics owns and operates 11 cold storage warehouse facilities in the major centers and Harbours of South Africa, Namibia and Angola. Collectively offering 135000 tons of multi-temperature cold storage and handling capacity to customers. See Figure below.

    CSS_Image.jpgCCS Logistics storage and handling facilities

    In South Africa, the majority of large companies opt to contract their road transport needs to a transporter for a fixed price in order to plan for logistics costs in advance. This makes the few likes of Linebooker to stand with high up expectations in relation to the logistics gap in the rest of Africa.





    By Joseph Semuju

    Community Manager - AMO

    African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.



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