Kigali: Turning into a pedestrian-friendly city.

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    Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa that has managed to keep Kigali free from pollution the best way they know how.


    Français Résumé: Le Rwanda est l'un des pays d'Afrique qui a réussi à préserver Kigali de la pollution de la meilleure façon possible.


    Image taken on the 4th of February, 2018, which was the first Sunday of the month.


    In addition to the dedicated car free zones in the city center, for every first Sunday of the month, the rest of Kigali turns a car free zone. This government initiative followed up since 2016 to cut emissions and keep Rwandans moving towards a healthier lifestyle in the entire capital. Without cars or buses, residents are encouraged to walk or ride bicycles. There is also a full time car-free zone in the city.


    Starting mid-2018, different service facilities in the car free zone are expected. Facilities such as walkaways, bicycle lanes, benches, cafes, public restrooms, shelter for those that would want a place to relax, and pavilions.


    As part of the car free day, the public can also take part in exercise and wellness activities organized by the city authorities.


    Kigali is already one of Africa’s cleanest urban centers. The city of over 1.1 million people has a reputation for order that is rare on a continent of sprawling and often chaotic street scenes. Africa.


    Plastic bags are banned in Rwanda, so the capital and its lush green surrounds are free from ragged bits of plastic fluttering on fences or clogging drains. Workers trim grass verges along the well swept roads of Kigali.


    Minister of Sports, Jullienne Uwacu believes the government wants individuals within Rwanda and across Africa to adapt cleaner and greener living into their everyday life styles.




    By Joseph Semuju

    Community Manager - AMO

    African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.


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