EN2L: An all-round logistics & supply-chain service in Egypt.

Version 3

    Founded on December 12th, 2016, with offices located in Egypt, EN2L is both a mobile, and web-based transport service provider platform. EN2L connects clients in need of transport service to the available Trucks, Winch Trucks, and Trailers anytime, anywhere.

    Résumé: Fondée le 12 décembre 2016, avec des bureaux situés en Egypte, EN2L est à la fois une plate-forme de fournisseur de services de transport mobile et basée sur le Web. EN2L connecte les clients ayant besoin d'un service de transport aux camions, treuils et remorques disponibles à tout moment, n'importe où.


    The company was started by five businessmen from Arab Republic of EGYPT, USA, and Germany with a vision to lead the whole market of transport by providing clients with best quality transport services.

    EN2L is a fast, easy, and safe way to get help with a move, it matches clients with the right transport service in the right place at the right time.

    How EN2L works.

    EN2L provides several services in the field of logistics, including winch truck services for the transportation of all types of cars and motorcycles. The application provided 200 winch trucks at the beginning of its first phase, with the second phase involving quarter-tonne and half-tonne trucks and furniture transportation vehicles.

    EN2L has so far trained about 200 winch truck drivers so far in the Greater Cairo area to join its team and improve services quality. Providing one-day trainings per session. This kind of training focuses on the use of global positioning system (GPS), customer service rules, traffic rules, security, and safety. Trainees receive the course free of charge.


    In Conclusion, EN2L connects clients in need of transport service to trucks, winch trucks, and trailers anytime, anywhere when they need to move cars, goods inclusive of all sorts of commodities.








    By Joseph Semuju

    Community Manager - AMO

    African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.


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