Bifasor, Africa's first online logistics hub

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    Résumé en français: Lancé en 2016, Bifasor est une plateforme professionnelle de réseau et de matchmaking pour les expéditeurs et les prestataires de services dans le secteur du transport et de la logistique en Afrique.


    According to Bifasor’s co-founder Rym Soussi, she said, “The transportation and logistics sector in Africa suffers from several problems that hinder its operation: a fragmented structure; dilapidated truck fleets; high costs; shortcomings in organisation, management, and access to information."


    Launched in 2016, Bifasor is a professional network and matchmaking platform for shippers and service providers in the African transport and logistics industry.


    With trade volumes in Sub-Saharan Africa expected to nearly quadruple to 384.6 million tonnes by 2030, according to Frost & Sullivan, the Bifasor team has developed a solution for everyone involved in the supply chain, particularly targeting small & medium-sized transport and logistics companies.


    Bifasor’s solution is a software as a service (SaaS), accessible by both web & mobile applications and characterized by three major features:


    The first feature is a matchmaking platform that allows all subscribers to enter into direct contact with one another and forge long-lasting business relationships.


    The second feature provides subscribers with an everyday working tool: a dashboard with features and widgets to manage their interactions, so that they can offer, find, stock and deliver shipments seamlessly. Remarkably, this aspect serves as a key marketing tool to improve visibility for small and medium-sized enterprises having little to no web presence.


    The third key feature is a marketplace for manufacturers of goods, for-example, the sale of tires, spare parts and other accessories, and vendors of services such as mechanical repairs, insurance, legal, and technical consultants that are essential to the proper and timely functioning of the transportation and logistics supply chain in Africa.


    How Bifasor works?

    Information and data is crowd-sourced from the subscribers and organized into a user-friendly, and searchable directory. This eliminates the need for shippers and service providers to search for each other at the port, a practice currently monopolized by cost-ineffective yet informal intermediaries.


    The hub puts shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and warehouse operators, among others, into direct contact with one another. Providing them with a unique dashboard to manage their interactions, so that they can offer, find, stock and deliver shipments seamlessly, while establishing long-lasting business relationships. This assembles and interconnects all of the members of Africa's supply chain. Where In a few clicks, one is able to develop their own professional network, find potential clients, and reliable partners.






    In Conclusion, Bifasor seeks to provide the easiest and cheapest way for transport & logistics stakeholders operating or seeking to operate in Africa to build a collaborative network of business partners and clients within a few clicks. Future plans exist to expand to Asia and other worlds.





    By Joseph Semuju

    Community Manager - AMO

    African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.


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