INNOVATE LOGISTICS is making the local South Africa logistics sector more efficient

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    According to research by the founder, an estimated 40% of the cargo space in South Africa transport companies’ trucks is not utilized. This comes at a large cost to logistics and transport companies, who are always under pressure as fuel prices keep rocketing unexpectedly.

    A South African start-up has developed a mobile application (INNOVATE LOGISTICS) that uses technology to make the local logistic sector more efficient and prudent by selling the unutilized space quite cheap to consumers in need of it. The innovative solution connects South African transport companies with spare space on their trucks to consumers who want to transport goods.


    Résumé: Une start-up sud-africaine a développé une application mobile (INNOVATE LOGISTICS) qui utilise la technologie pour rendre le secteur logistique local plus efficace et prudent en vendant l'espace inutilisé assez bon marché aux consommateurs qui en ont besoin. La solution innovante relie les entreprises de transport sud-africaines avec des espaces libres sur leurs camions aux consommateurs qui veulent transporter des marchandises.


    INNOVATE LOGISTICS expectations

    Innovate Logistics, a tech company founded by 25 year-old Eljerel Naidoo, aims to put an end to the unutilized space on the trucks with an ingenious solution of a mobile app that connects South African transport companies with spare space on their trucks to consumers who want to transport goods.

    Naidoo says he invested a lot of time into market research and found that small to medium-sized logistics companies were struggling to get ahead in the sector, which is dominated by large providers. The app is his way to allow even the small guys to get a foothold, says Naidoo.


    Here is how the INNOVATE LOGISTICS mobile app works:

    The app is available for download either in the Play (Android) or App (iOS) store for free. The user can register as a customer or service provider. See sample image below.

    Innovate Logistics2.png

    After registering and logging into the app (as a customer) you are met with different categories of items that you want delivered to choose from. See sample image below.

    Innovate Logistics3.png

    As soon as the consumer opens the app, they can select the category of the item that’s to being shipped, fill in some brief details, and then input the collection and delivery address. They can also upload a photo of the item. See sample image above.

    Innovate Logistics6.png

    An example of a consumer wanting to ship an antique chest from Johannesburg to Cape Town, with an image of the item uploaded onto the app. It is then submitted to the available transport companies on the platform for a quotation. See sample image above.

    In real time, service providers bid for the user’s shipment. The user can then view the prices and service rating of various companies, and choose a provider. See sample image below.

    Innovate Logistics4.png

    Once selected, the user will pay for the service on the app. The startup has partnered with ‘I-Pay’, one of South Africa’s leading payment portals allowing for payments to be done on the app and web; ensuring safe and instantaneous payments. The service provider will then collect and deliver the item.  See sample image below.

    Innovate Logistics5.png

    The user can track the item in real time through GPS technology, as well as communicate with the service provider with the chat feature on the app. Once delivered, the customer will be notified and can then rate the service experienced. See Sample Image below.

    Innovate Logistics7.png

    What do you think about such an idea/innovation?



    Innovate Logistics by Eljerel Naidoo

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    By Joseph Semuju

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