MAX mobile app serving as a one stop mobile service platform for transport in Nigeria.

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    Nigerian e-courier startup MAX now runs an on-demand motorcycle transportation service, MAXGo, in Lagos, addressing the city’s road traffic congestion.




    Résumé en français: L'application mobile MAX offre une option de service de livraison du dernier kilomètre (MAXNow) couplée à un service de transport routier utilisant des motos 200cc (MAXGo). L'application est facilement disponible pour les appareils iOS et Android.


    Launched in August 2015 as an e-delivery platform, MAX has kept on expanding beyond logistics to provide mobility solutions, now focusing on both package delivery and people transportation.


    MAX mobile app provides a last mile delivery service option (MAXNow) coupled with a ride hailing service using 200cc motorcycles (MAXGo). The app is readily available for iOS and Android devices.


    What is MAXGo?

    MAXGo is an on-demand ride hailing mobile & web app that allows users request a professionally driven motorcycle to get them around the city of Lagos. For every signup, a unique referral code is given to the respective user.

    When a user shares their referral code with other possible users, they get a free trip. On completing their first trip, the user who recommended is entitled to a free trip. This is one way the startup gets to people. Once a referred person takes his first trip, the referee gets an email notification.


    According to the founder, He says, “With vehicle road density (vehicles/km) at 227 vehicles compared to the national average of 11 vehicles, Lagos is in dire need of bigger better roads, or more efficient ways to navigate the city”


    Why MAXGo?

    The startup says it was prompted to develop MAXGo in response to the high levels of road congestion in Lagos, which makes commuting across the city very time-consuming. Just like it is in most of the cities in Africa.


    “MAXGo motorcycles are able to move at more than twice the speed of a car in Lagos traffic, take up less space, and cost a lot less to maintain,” the startup says.



    Who is a Champion?

    Champion is the term used to refer to Motorcycle Riders on the MAXGo platform. MAXGo Champions are NOT just randomly selected bike riders. These are trained and experienced riders who go through rigorous and intensive training programs before they are selected as Champions.


    How can one put a bike on the MAXGo network?

    MAXGo allows partners to put up bikes (200cc and above) on their network. However, these bikes must possess comprehensive insurance and must meet the specified criteria. A partner form is completed here.





    How can a user identify their rider on arrival?

    The plate number of the rider will be displayed on the app as soon as the Champion accepts a trip. Simply one confirms the Champion is on a bike matching the plate number displayed on the app.


    To access MAXGo, users need to download the app, and register. Following registration, users can call a motorcycle ride in real-time; and pay with a local Visa card, MasterCard, or with cash. Each ride includes insurance for both the passenger and driver, as well as helmets for both and disposable hairnet.



    How much does a ride with MAXGo cost?

    From 0-2 kilometers one will have to pay 100 NGN (0.28 USD) per kilometer, and after two kilometers the charge drops to 65 NGN (0.18 USD) per kilometer.


    How do MAX clients pay for the rides and deliveries?

    The mobile app has a flexible system that allows payments with cash or via card transaction. Clients can input their card details in the payment section of the app or even pay with cash at the end of every trip. All cancellations are completely free with MAXGo.


    Does one have to register a payment card inline to their MAXGo account?

    No at all, it isn’t compulsory to enter card details. The app works fine with or without one’s card details.


    Is MAXGo available in the rest of Nigeria?

    MAXGo is available in certain service areas for now (Lekki, Ikoyi, V.I & Yaba) in Lagos. Though they are planning to rollout out new service areas within and outside Lagos as they scale up.


    What is happening elsewhere in Africa?

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    As African Mobilities Observatory – AMO, we believe ICT implementation is one way to achieve smart and sustainable cities in Africa and the rest of the world by 2030.





    By Joseph Semuju

    Community Manager - AMO

    African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.


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