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Claire Dorland Clauzel, Executive Vice President Sustainable Development, Brands and External Relations of the Michelin group, presents Movin’On, the world’s main Conference on Sustainable Mobility which will take place in Montreal from June 13 to 15.


These three days of dialogue, meetings and sharing about connected urban mobility will focus on 6 subjects:

  • “Toward safe, clean and effective mobility for all”
  • “Circular economy development”
  • “Toward intelligent mobility”
  • “Regulatory and policy incentives”
  • “New transportation experiences”
  • “Moonshots in mobility”


You can visit this blog twice a week to discover the content of these debates and the actions implemented during this event which will play a key role for the future of the transport sector.


Click here to see the video.



CREDIT : Ready to face together the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility? - Michelin's vision of sustainable mobility

Breaking out of your comfort zone with labs at Movin’On


Writer’s block. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Analysis paralysis. Whether you labour as an innovation-hungry creative, or pursue a career within the more structured constraints of a conventional industry, now and again everyone needs to get our of their comfort zone and let their imagination run free. At Movin’On, both participants and experts are encouraged to throw off the shackles of the daily grind and take part in our unique collaborative sessions known as “labs”. But be forewarned! Anything can happen in a lab.

Lab. If the term has you picturing a sterile white room filled with racks of test tubes, then you’re in for a treat! The Movin’On version of a lab exists on an entire different dimension.

In essence, it’s a highly collaborative experience which breaks free of conventional models in order to catapult participants into a multitude of unique situations. You might find yourself sharing a pink umbrella with a complete stranger as you stroll through an artificial snowfall, re-discovering your five senses in a omni-sensorial garden, or collaborating with your lab partners on the construction of a Rube Goldberg contraption while strapped into a climbing harness suspended twenty feet above the ground.

It goes without saying that it’s not all fun and games: participants are meant to collect actionable takeaways in order to fuel their own professional development. Teaming up with strangers, rejecting conventional wisdom, thinking outside the box… these mental and physical experiments are sure to unleash new dimensions of creative expression.


Making a giant cake

In every far-flung corner of the world, the one thing which binds us all together is food- wether it be cooking, eating, and sharing a meal! One of the most popular collaborative experiences at Movin’On is sure to be the Cake Lab.

We are so much more productive when everyone pitches in. Cake lab is a practical and concrete experience where participants discuss, hands busy, in the presence of a guest expert. The final Cake, a true masterpiece, will be offered a snack to all Movin’On participants on the last day of the event.

This year’s Cake Lab will even feature a private session with internationally reknown Chef Daniel Boulud, founder of the highly-regarded Maison Boulud at Montreal’s own Ritz-Carlton. Might you be one of the lucky few to try your hand at the delicate art of confectionery under his watchful eye?

Spaces are very limited, so don’t wait to reserve your spot on klik.


CREDIT : The frosting on the cake: productivity as seen by the Cake Lab! : Movin'On

Movin’On joins with startup Mydream Smile the world to empower citizens as active participants in their mobility future

“A world that reflects who we are is a better world”: this is the motto of Mydream Smile the world, a a startup which offers a fresh experience in social media, offering netizens a bold new canvas for expression, action and engagement for building a world that reflects their feelings and dreams.

Michelin, a proud sponsor of permanent and ongoing global cooperation, is constantly encouraging creativity and innovation in the area of sustainable mobility, notably with its Think and Do Tank: Open Lab Challenge Bibendum. A collaborative ecosystem focused on the challenges of the future of mobility, it is organized around stakeholders communities, and places the individual citizen at the heart of its preoccupation.

As such, Michelin and Mydream Smile the world have joined forces so that you, the citizens, can share your hopes for mobility and become active players in this process of reflection and creation, thanks to the My dream of Mobility initiative, taking place online from May 22 to June 15, 2017.

Here’s how to get involved:

Everyone who logs on to Mydream Smile the world can post their dream of mobility and thus participate in the construction of a wall of dreams, inspiration and creativity on future mobility  innovations.

At the conclusion of the initiative, one lucky participant wil see their dream incubated and brought to life in one of Michelin’s Open Lab Challenge Bibendum communities and will contribute to making their mobility dream a reality. Through this collaborative experience, we invite you all to build a future in the image of your dreams and contribute to Movin’On from ambition to action in the field of mobility!

  • Your mobility dream is teleportation?
  • You dream of walking on water?
  • You dream of flying aboard the Solar Impulse?
  • You dream of donating bicycles to children in need in Africa?


Post your dream

CREDIT : Mydream Smile the world and Michelin team up to make your dreams come true : Movin'On

Test driving the vehicles of tomorrow


Everything you’ve always imagined, but never thought would be within your reach… becomes a reality at Movin’On. The Ride & Drive presented by the government of Quebec will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget. Climb aboard the latest autonomous vehicles before they hit the market/showroom floor, grab a seat on a zero-emission electric bus, try out an electric bike, motorcycle or boat… Movin’On will transport you into a wild world of dreams!

From your hotel to the Movin’On village, aboard the bus of tomorrow.

After sipping your morning coffee, why not enjoy a leisurely zero-emission commute to the conference? aboard an all-electric shuttle service? The 40-seat Catalyst by Proterra, Participants can also examine the all-electric Easymile EZ10 onsite in a stationary demo version. This self-driving shuttle can transport up to 12 passengers at a speed of 25 km/h.


Source: Easymile EZ10



Source: Catalyst Proterra



Quebec invites you to climb aboard our home-grown mobility success stories.

It’s not by coincidence that Movin’On chose Montreal to host the world’s largest summit on sustainable mobility. The province’s plan for the electrification of transportation is defined by concrete, measurable actions and a far-seeing philosophy on the part of the government of Quebec. A strong political commitment, our long history of a dynamic mobility ecosystem, the spirit of innovation that is part of our cultural DNA, and the notable presence of bold and visionary entrepreneurial class are all important assets not only for transportation electrification, but for the impending emergence of the mobility of tomorrow.

Quebec will feature several major players hitting the stage at Movin’On’s Ride & Drive. Effenco will present its first-ever hybrid garbage collection truck, heralding an industry revolution which will slash fleet fuel costs and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Montreal’s technical school École de technologie supérieure (ETS) “Engineering for Industry”, will be on site as well. What audacious inventions might the next generation of engineers have up their sleeves?



Source: Ecotuned



Source: Effenco




Ride & Drive will also feature Ecotuned brand-new replacement electric motor, enabling the conversion of a conventional pick-up to a zero-emission vehicle, and for commercial vehicles, the electric drivetrains designed by Source: Nordresa.

If you were planning to take advantage of Quebec’s famously warm June weather, why not take a ride on an electric scooter by GeeBee or enjoy a cruise on the Lachine canal in an electric boat by Source: LTS Marine.

Source: GeeBee

Source: LTS Marine



Stay tuned for the next array of participating vehicles to be unveiled shortly!


Luxury meets sustainability at Movin’On! BMW invites you to test a world premiere: the first electric vehicle constructed almost entirely from carbon fibre, the BMW i3, as well as the BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid which unites the efficiency of an electric motor and the unmatched thrill of Turbo TwinPower!

While we’re on the topic of power plants, are you among those who believe that electric motors would never match up to gas-powered engines? On display in our showroom: GreenGT H2, the first hydrogen fuel-cell racing car that generates its own electricity and emits only water vapour. Robocar goes even further with its Devbot prototype, a fully autonomous racing car designed for competition in the Roborace championship!

The trickle of e-vehicles has become a flood! Have a seat in the Ioniq, Hyundai’s latest green vehicle featured in both hybrid and all-electric versions, as well as the lithium battery-powered Nissan Leaf, Toyota’s hydrogen-powered prototype Mirai Dynamic and the symbio fuel-cell Kangoo ZE H2 by Renault. Movin’On participants will also be among the first to test the Tesla Model S and Model X autonomous electric vehicles (level 3 software and level 4 hardware).



Source: BMW i3



Source: Devbot – Roborace



Source: GreenGT H2



Source: Model S – Tesla



Source: Symbio fuel cell Kangoo ZE H2 – Renault



Source: Hyundai Ioniq



Source: Nissan Leaf



Source: Toyota Mirai Dynamic



The non-traditional vehicles that will be part of the driving landscape of tomorrow

Delivery companies like UPS must contend with the pervasive problems of urban congestion and last-mile issues. In response, the package delivery giant is introducing its first three-wheeled electric vehicle, the UPS eTrike, which nimbly navigates narrow passages and moreover, can park virtually anywhere.

If you crave the pleasure of a fresh-air commute, the BMW Cruise e-Bike is for you! Or if you’d rather combine exercise with speedy transport, check out the Michelin E-Drive System, a lightweight battery and motor assembly which converts a conventional bicycle into an e-bike.

These paradigm-altering vehicles are all available for your inspection during the Ride&Drive at Movin’On!


Source: UPS eTrike



Source: BMW Cruise e-Bike



Ride & Drive 101

The experience begins at Arsenal, the site of Movin’On. A one-kilometre closed circuit on neighbouring streets will give you the chance to rev the engines of these audacious creations- figuratively speaking, since most of them operate in utter silence!

All the vehicles participating in the Ride & Drive presented by the government of Quebec will be showcased onsite. A select few of these cutting-edge vehicles will even be hosting braindates, further driving a sense of inspiration! And if your jam-packed schedule of conferences and workshops doesn’t leave you time to check out the Ride & Drive vehicles, you’ll still have a chance to spend some time aboard them, as certain models will be providing shuttle service between the hotels and the Movin’On site in a tangible demonstration of their effectiveness.

Once inside the Movin’On village, environmentally-minded participants can help themselves to a variety of eco-friendly mobility options (e-bikes, scooters, etc…) on paths between conferences, workshops, and master classes, or enjoy the serenity of a jaunt along the Lachine Canal’s many bike lane and walking paths. It should be noted that the proximity of the Lachine Canal is a golden opportunity to try out our featured electric boats!



One small step for Ride & Drive, one giant leap for mobility! – Part 1 : Movin'On
One small step for Ride & Drive, one giant leap for mobility! – Part 2 : Movin'On

An on-demand army of highly qualified assistants


Looking for the quickest route to the metro, the best steak nearby, or more info about the leader of your next workshop? Turn to one of our Movin’On Concierges Extraordinaires. They know everything. (And whatever they don’t know, they’ll be able to find out… quickly.)

Each and every participant at Movin’On is assigned a Concierge, because everyone’s a VIP in our house. Every Concierge Extraordinaire is carefully selected and undergoes specialized customer service training. They’re your go-to resources on-site for information, event details, venue-navigation and the general Montréal happenings.Their first priority is to ensure every participant gets the most out of their Movin’On experience—which is probably why they’re often listed among the highlights of C2-produced events.

The Concierge experience begins at least four weeks prior to the start of the conference itself, when each participant is contacted by their personal Concierge. Then, the information flows in both directions as you and your Concierge develop a plan to optimize your time at Movin’On. Along with answering any and all questions you might have, your concierge goes on a fact-finding mission, seeking to understand your specific interests and needs.

  • Which activities are most aligned with your business objectives?
  • Who are the can’t-miss speakers with the most to offer your particular situation?
  • Are there certain workshops that you might not have considered which may be unexpected sources of insight?

An effective Concierge can help you acclimatize as rapidly as possible, ensuring a very productive conference experience.


Once the conference is under way, the Concierges at the Information counter stand ready to assist you in any way necessary. Having trouble navigating to a particular venue? Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience to fill an open slot in your day? Or maybe you’re seeking a quiet spot to enjoy a little downtime and recharge before your next workshop or masterclass. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call upon the nearest available Concierge.

One of the secrets to their success is the Concierge Extraordinaire team’s dedication to constant, incremental improvement, even during the conference itself. For example, any question fielded by a concierge is re-transmitted and shared with the entire team, in order to accelerate group learning and be able to pass on the increased knowledge, almost instantly.

The personalized nature of the participant-concierge relationship is just one example of how Movin’On is transcending the limitations of traditional event programming, information, and scheduling practices. This one-of-a-kind combination has created a truly unique and memorable business conference experience.


CREDIT : Enhancing your Movin’On experience with our Concierges Extraordinaires! : Movin'On

Sustainable mobility luminaries showcase the future of transportation in Montreal, June 13‒15


CLERMONT-FERRAND, France, and MONTREAL, May 8, 2017 ― Michelin, a global leader in sustainability and innovation, today announced its lineup of groundbreaking vehicles, technologies, new concepts and industry partners to appear at Movin’On 2017, the world’s largest collaborative symposium focused on solving the planet’s most pressing urban mobility challenges.

Mobility demonstrations at Movin’On 2017, which rolls into Montreal June 13‒15, will feature an unprecedented collection of vehicles and innovations designed to transform transportation in urban areas and accelerate the global shift toward a circular economy.

Buses at Movin’On 2017 include:

Cars at Movin’On 2017 include:

  • BMW i3, the world’s first all-electric vehicle made primarily of carbon fiber will appear along with the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid which combines the efficiency of an all-electric motor and the power of a TwinPower Turbo engine
  • GreenGT H2, the world’s first electric-hydrogen racecar, which produces its own electric power and releases only water vapor into the atmosphere
  • Hyundai Ioniq, the company’s newest eco vehicle, on display in both all-electric and hybrid power train variations
  • DevBot, (the Robocar development vehicle) the world’s first fully driverless racecar from Roborace
  • Symbio Fuel Cell Kangoo ZE H2, Renault’s light commercial electric vehicle
  • Tesla Model S and Model X autonomous electric vehicles, with level three autonomous software and level four hardware

Fleets at Movin’On 2017 include:

  • UPS eTrike, a motorized electric three-wheeled vehicle designed for efficient and sustainable urban delivery

Two-Wheel Technologies at Movin’On 2017 include:

  • BMW Cruise e-Bike, an electric bike designed for commuters and built with a BOSCH Performance Line electric motor
  • MICHELIN E-Drive system, a lightweight battery and motor system that converts a classic bike into an E-bike, and an E-bike back into a classic bike with one pedal turn in less than 3 seconds

Adding to the vehicle technology showcase, Movin’On 2017 will feature an innovative forum for dozens of emerging players in sustainable urban mobility within the conference’s “Village Start-Up” area. Companies presenting concepts for the future of mobility in Village Start-Up include Boostmi, Ecotuned, Effenco, LTS Marine, Nordresa, Ridemetry, OuiHop, Cargochief and Emotibot.

Instead of a traditional exhibit area, Movin’On 2017 will feature an Innovation Center for visionary partners in sustainable mobility including Engie, Evonik, Michelin, PSA/Communauto, Rockwell, Fanuc, Openlab, Addup, Veolia, Salesforce.

Movin’On, presented by Michelin in association with C2, continues the 20-year tradition established by Michelin Challenge Bibendum as the world’s premiere and longest-running forum for sustainable mobility. Announced in December 2016, Movin’On 2017 in Montreal invites more than 3,000 participants from 35 countries to engage in a range of dynamic forums, including an exhilarating 360-degree technological platform for plenary sessions and other experiential presentations. Movin’On will also host collaborative workshops, master classes and labs that feature cutting-edge innovation and disruptive technology. See for more information. Movin’On is also open to the general public to attend. For pricing information and to register, follow this link.

About Movin’On

Presented by Michelin in association with C2, Movin’On is the international summit for action in sustainable mobility. Movin’On 2017 will be held at the Arsenal in Montreal, Quebec, June 13-15. The symposium experience will feature inspiring keynote presentations, hands-on collaborative sessions, networking opportunities and technology exhibitions. Participants from business, government and academics will collaborate and explore new actions to resolve global challenges that will define the future of mobility. For tickets or more information, please see

About Michelin Group

Michelin, the leading tire company, is dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility, sustainably; designing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its clients’ needs; providing digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences; and developing high-technology materials that serve the mobility industry. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in 170 countries, has 111,700 employees and operates 68 production facilities in 17 countries which together produced 184 million tires in 2015. (

About C2

C2 is a global convener on a mission to transform executives and organizations that are ripe for change ― whether they know it or not. In a collaborative context specifically designed to provoke collisions and spark new ideas, C2 gets leaders to challenge their biases, shift their perspectives and explore completely new ways of doing business. C2’s reinvention of the international conference experience started with the annual C2 Montréal event, which has been described as “challenging conventions” by The Economist and “a business conference unlike any other” by the Harvard Business Review. After Zurich, Milan, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rome and San Francisco, C2 is now expanding its reach across all continents. See for more information.

For media inquiries, please contact …

In the United States:

Brian Remsberg
Michelin North America, Inc. or +1.864.458.5908
Tom Sullivan
Michelin North America, Inc. or +1.704.222.5488
Mary Ann Kotlarich
Michelin North America, Inc. or +1.864.458.4884

In Canada:

Irene Aguzzi
Michelin North America Canada, Inc. or +1.450.978.7635
Anne Dongois
C2 or +1.514.826.2050

In Mexico:

Armando Limon
Michelin Mexico or +52.442.376.1104


CREDIT : Transformative urban mobility technologies for Movin’On 2017 : Movin'On

Novel transportation experiences at Movin’On


Whether it evokes childhood memories of family outings, enables a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, or symbolizes a powerful feeling of freedom, the personal automobile has long enjoyed a special place in our hearts. But today’s “Millenials” have car makers worried. Might this generation of young adults forgo that ultimate rite of passage into adulthood- buying a car?

If so, it behooves automobile manufacturers to respond, and swiftly. Recent studies have shown that fewer and fewer young people are choosing to get a driver’s licence. It seems that generation “Y” would rather grab an Uber via smartphone, employ a car-sharing service, check the bus schedule or even jump on their bikes, rather than own a car. Granted, it’s good news for the planet, but a conundrum for car makers nonetheless.


How should car manufacturers react to this demographic tsunami?
What new partnerships can be developed between startups and car companies?
How can we redefine the automobile as a service rather than a product?


Grégoire Olivier, Director of Mobility Services at Groupe PSA, Guillaume Gérondeau, Senior Director, Transportation and Mobility Industry at Dassault Systems Asia, and Steven Kiefer, Senior Vice-President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors


Appealing to the Millenial generation is THE challenge for today’s car makers. At Movin’On, the major players in the motor vehicle industry are coming together to enable the next generation of transportation experiences.

Grégoire Olivier, Director of Mobility Services at Groupe PSA

Far from denying the realities of today, French automotive titan PSA Group, maker of Peugeot, Citroën and DS, is embracing the digital transformation of the modern marketplace. PSA Group believes that a car company can and must do more than simply build high-quality automobiles. With that in mind, this past February saw the French firm launch Free2Move, a mobile app that links every car-sharing service in a given region. At Movin’On, Gregoire Olivier will share his vision of an exciting new direction linking quality car manufacturing with exceptional service to the driving public.

Guillaume Gérondeau, Senior Director Transportation & Mobility Asia at Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systems is well aware of the challenges that car manufacturers are facing. The renowned software company has recently launched 3DExperience, a revolutionary platform destined for the enterprise software market. 3DExperience offers full-spectrum software solutions right out of the box, including marketing, sales support, engineering and simulation apps and much more, in order to maximize value creation at every level. The end result is an unparalleled and compelling consumer experience. In short, if your goal is to generate more value for your clients, and a corresponding increase in profits, Guillaume Gérondeau is the expert you are looking for.

Steve Kiefer, Senior Vice-President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors

It’s no longer enough to simply get someone from point A to point B. In today’s increasingly competitive market, leading car maker General Motors has focused on connectivity to woo its younger clientele. Vehicles with built-in 4G LTE access, optimized data-sharing for a better car-sharing experience, and maintenance reminders via text message: you and your car have never been so well-connected.

They will be joining our other speakers under the theme of new transportation experiences:

Learn about our other speakers.


CREDIT : The Challenge for Car Makers: Courting the Next Generation of Customers : Movin'On

For some conference goers, there is nothing more stressful than the idea of networking. Many would rather pull out their smart phones and check their emails than take the risk of approaching a stranger to introduce themselves or get stuck in the wrong conversation. However, when asked, many people cite networking as their number one reason for coming to conferences, so avoiding networking is not the solution.

During Movin’On you will have the chance to experience unique networking opportunities. More and more conferences are offering social apps to their participants. The key difference is that the braindate concept goes far beyond supplying an app. Braindates are targeted learning meetings. Powered by e180, they are organized on the basis of the offers and requests for knowledge as expressed by participants. It’s about facilitating the connection, or as E-180 founder Christine Renaud would put it, “engineering serendipity”.

“When good connections are made, there is no better feeling,” Renaud explains, “Braindates remove the barriers to networking and help people get to the meaningful conversations right away. We are in the business of connecting human beings for meaningful conversations.”


Here is how it works:

A few weeks before the conference, participants get an email with a link to register to klik by PixMob. Klik’s online portal includes all of the information you will need to plan your Movin’On experience: keynotes, workshops, labs, parties, and, of course, braindates.

It’s recommended that people sign on, create their profile and make their matches long before the event itself. Waiting until the last minute may make it difficult to schedule dates with the experts of your choosing.

Movin’On participants wanting to plan their braindates will need to set up their profile and specify their offers and requests for knowledge. Offers are what you could teach or give another participant. People are encouraged to make their offers as granular as possible in order to make the best connection. Offers have included everything from advice on how to set up an experiential marketing campaign in the Bronx for a retail brand to how to do a handstand. Renaud recalls that one of the most popular offers from past events was a student offering up reviews of products from a Millennial perspective.

Requests for knowledge are the other side of the coin: what is it that you need to learn specifically? Again, the more granular your request, the more likely it is that you’ll get a good match for a braindate.

The next steps are simple: Show up at the lounge at the specified time. This is where you will be greeted by a matchmaker who will introduce you to your braindate. You can remain in the lounge, which has plenty of unique meeting spaces, or you can take your braindate anywhere else you’d like. This year at Movin’On, participants will have the unique opportunity to share a braindate while aboard one of the featured vehicles in Movin’On’s Ride & Drive section. What better way to discuss, collaborate and exchange on the future of mobility than while comfortably seated in a cutting edge vehicle that represents that very future?

In addition to building a stronger recommendation algorithm to make it even more efficient and offer even more meaningful meetings, e180 is adding a new component: group braindates: This will allow people to exchange information in larger groups.

This new format responds to a particular niche in the networking ecosystem: some people want to discuss their topic with representatives from a variety of backgrounds, while others want to make their expertise available to other participants but lack time to meet them all one by one.

In all cases, these braindates help minimize the role of blind luck by maximizing your chances of finding THE person you absolutely must meet. Don’t forget to plan yours once you get invited to klik.


CREDIT : Braindating: experience meaningful and innovative connections at Movin’On : Movin'On

Three new speakers join Movin'On


BASF, thinxmachine and UPS join the conversation on a safe, clean and effective mobility for all

If your daily commute stresses you out, consider the infinitely greater impact it has on the blue world we call home. Each day, billions of people are travelling great distances, which increases environmental stress on a planetary scale.

Despite this, multiple solutions already exist, as sustainable mobility is already on our doorstep. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles shows no signs of slowing, the first self-driving cars are already on our roads, and transport companies like EV manufacturer ProTerra, are poised to revolutionize our public transit systems, with the first zero-emission “smart” buses.


What about the major challenges facing a package delivery company like UPS?
And what kind of alternatives can we develop to evolve the disposable and often highly polluting auto parts industry?
How will our roads evolve in response to the innovations of sustainable mobility?


Jim Bruce, senior VP and Chief Energy Policy Officer for Global Public Affairs at UPS, Michael Pcolinski, VP for Innovation and Technology at BASF in North America, and Joanna Peña-Bickley, Chief Experience Officer for thinxmachine, join our roster of distinguished speakers at Movin’On. These are the people who intend to propel us toward a safe, clean and effective mobility for all.


It’s time to migrate to safe, clean and effective mobility for all. Come join those who are inspiring and revolutionizing the future of mobility at Movin’On:

Michael Pcolinski, VP for Innovation and Technology at BASF North America
Each year, 80 million babies are born on Earth. Not only is such a demographic explosion beyond the current carrying capacity of our blue home, it will soon need to provide three times the resources to satisfy the requirements of the global population. BASF, building creative chemistry for a sustainable future, is actively working to develop solutions across the entire spectrum of the chemical industry. High-performance, sustainable, featherweight batteries? Why not?

Jim Bruce, senior VP and Chief Energy Policy Officer for Global Public Affairs at UPS
Soon, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. The massive scale of this urbanisation will give rise to new challenges related to air quality, road congestion, and lead to a marked increase in last-mile delivery. As the world’s largest package delivery service, UPS has chosen to become part of the solution, rather than add to the problem.

Joanna Peña-Bickley, Global Chief Experience Officer at thinxmachine
Joanna is a firm believer in AI’s key role in re-thinking mobility in a post-automobile world. A passionate environmental activist, she designed a cognitive platform called “EarthThinx” whose goal is to raise consciousness about the importance of safeguarding our planet. How can the Big Data collected by this program help us reduce our CO2 emissions, as well as providing first steps toward a more sustainable mobility?

They join several other distinguished speakers dealing with the themes of safe, clean, efficient mobility.


Discover Movin'On entire roster of speakers.