Claire Dorland Clauzel, Executive Vice President Sustainable Development, Brands and External Relations of the Michelin group, presents Movin’On, the world’s main Conference on Sustainable Mobility which will take place in Montreal from June 13 to 15.


These three days of dialogue, meetings and sharing about connected urban mobility will focus on 6 subjects:

  • “Toward safe, clean and effective mobility for all”
  • “Circular economy development”
  • “Toward intelligent mobility”
  • “Regulatory and policy incentives”
  • “New transportation experiences”
  • “Moonshots in mobility”


You can visit this blog twice a week to discover the content of these debates and the actions implemented during this event which will play a key role for the future of the transport sector.


Click here to see the video.



CREDIT : Ready to face together the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility? - Michelin's vision of sustainable mobility