On February 16, Renault opened its first European EV concept store, the Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center, on the outskirts of Stockholm in Täby Centrum, one of Sweden’s largest shopping centers.



Here, visitors can experience electric cars and find answers to all their EV and sustainable urban mobility questions.

The concept store features a number of distinct zones, a display of electric vehicles and areas where visitors will find information about charging infrastructure and systems, local legislation, subsidies, conditions of purchase and electric vehicle services, as well as a place to relax and exchange ideas.

"We are delighted to be opening this store which will enable us to engage with people about electric mobility, help them to learn more about the subject and give them a chance to share their ideas," said Gilles Normand, Groupe Renault senior vice president, electric vehicles.


Visitors car test drive electric vehicles directly on site, so they can experience the unique satisfaction of driving a silent, zero-emission car.
Customers will be able to order new electric vehicles at the store. Advisors are available seven days a week for assistance


To help visitors find a personalized solution that matches each individual lifestyle, the store features an exclusive electric car configurator to identify the model that meets that unique set of everyday needs.

Stockholm was on top of Renault's list as a location for its first European EV concept store because of the fast electric vehicle market expansion in Sweden, and the strong willingness of Swedish government to promote this technology, explained Zakaria Zeghari, Europe Renault Dealer Network development director.

Moving forward, Renault is exploring establishing similar stores in other European cities.

“We are responding to emerging customer expectations by opening new urban distribution channels and by harnessing digital tools to deliver a better customer experience," said Zeghari, Europe Renault Dealer Network development director.

Renault offers four electric vehicles:

  • RENAULT TWIZY: Twizy, revealed in 2010, is an all-electric two-seater quadricycle designed for the city. It is also available in a Cargo version for professionals.
  • RENAULT KANGOO Z.E.: The Kangoo Z.E. van is the first electric light commercial vehicle of the Renault lineup. Revealed in 2010, it was voted 2012 International Van of the Year," marking the first time an electric vehicle won that award.
  • RENAULT ZOE: The first Renault car designed entirely as an all-electric model, the Zoe is used most often as a city car. Unveiled in 2012, the Zoe is produced at the Flins plant in France.
  • RENAULT FLUENCE Z.E.A high-tech, environmentally-friendly, spacious and comfortable vehicle, the Renault Fluence Z.E. extends for a length of 4.75 meters (15.58 feet). The rear has been redesigned to accommodate the battery behind the rear seats without encroaching on storage space.


Said Zeghari, "As electric cars are the leading technology to provide sustainable mobility for all, Renault has brought these two challenges together under one roof by proposing a new approach of the zero emission range distribution, and opening the first Electrical Vehicle Experience Center in partnership with our major distributor in Sweden, Bilia."

By Sunny LewisEnvironment News Service (ENS)