The 2018 New York International Auto Show closed on Sunday after a 10-day run that featured an exciting electric concept from Genesis Motor America, the luxury brand of South Korean automaker Hyundai.



The Essentia at the New York International Auto Show, March 2018 (Photo courtesy Genesis)



Genesis took over the first afternoon of the show's media days with a surprise reveal of the Essentia, its new sports coupe concept.


Essentia is the brand's first battery electric vehicle and it's a crowd-pleaser.™ (NYSE: CARS) evaluated each new vehicle featured at the auto show and named the Genesis Essentia Concept the best electric car.


The Essentia is an electric Gran Turismo-style car that features multiple electric motors and a lightweight, carbon-fiber monocoque, a structural system that supports loads through an object's external skin, like an egg shell.


With an estimated 0-to-60 time of 3.0 seconds, Essentia brings sports car-level performance to the realm of electric luxury coupes.


The all-electric, high-performance concept elevates and reimagines the "Athletic Elegance" design paradigm,  company officials said.


"We understand our obligation as a luxury car manufacturer to create objects of desire, sparking passion and inspiration by emphasizing a culture while exceeding expectations in terms of technology and connectivity, bringing our outside world seamlessly to the inside of the vehicle," said Manfred Fitzgerald, global head of the Genesis brand.


"This is what the Genesis Essentia Concept is all about, and we are thrilled to introduce our interpretation of an all-electric, two-door Gran Turismo here in New York," said Fitzgerald.


The Essentia's dash is covered in screens, which communicate different types of information. The Essentia also offers many connectivity features and can even determine the driver's mood.


The electric powertrain allowed Genesis Design to redefine classic GT proportions with an extremely low, transparent hood that flows seamlessly into the windshield and "bubble" roof.


The battery pack is housed in the central tunnel in an I-shape structure, rather than underneath the passenger compartment, allowing Essentia to achieve a super-low, 50-inch roofline and spacious, GT-style cabin.


Essentia was designed to be connected to the world around it, while providing its occupants a virtual escape.


The concept features advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle technology. Essentia can inform the driver of real-time road conditions to help avoid accidents and traffic jams. Instead of providing the quickest or most efficient route, Essentia uses machine learning intelligence to recommend routes based on driver inclination.


Essentia also integrates with smart homes and devices to preprogram HVAC settings, turn on lights, allow for package deliveries, and automatically take the stress out of mundane tasks. Voice recognition and the Genesis Intelligent Assistant allow for two-way dialogue and full vehicle control through voice command, as well as individual driving behavior analysis and driver mood determination.


In January, Fountain Valley, California-based Hyundai Motor America announced it will develop a separate dealer network for its Genesis Motor America business.


It has informed existing U.S. Hyundai dealers "that offers would be forthcoming soon to pave the way to establishing a distinct and properly-sized Genesis retail network."


Hyundai plans to spend the rest of 2018 building the Genesis network to around 100 retailers covering all of "defined key luxury markets."


By Sunny Lewis

Environment News Service (ENS)