General Motors says the company has committed itself to "an all-electric future," and to that end is developing revolutionary, flexible electrification technologies that will enable its team to dream beyond the traditional vehicle and give customers the freedom of movement that they seek.


GM has begun to create a line of eBikes that will be more affordable than cars, giving people the chance to own a viable electric mode of transportation.


On November 2 GM revealed two innovative, integrated and connected eBikes - one folding and one compact - without a brand name.



The compact General Motors ebike. 2018 (Photo courtesy General Motors)



GM wants customers to be involved from the start, so the company is asking enthusiasts from around the globe to help name its eBike brand using


“As an avid cyclist and urban commuter, I know how great it feels to get where I’m going easily and to show up sweat-free,” said Hannah Parish, director of General Motors Urban Mobility Solutions.


“We blended electrification engineering know-how, design talents and automotive-grade testing with great minds from the bike industry to create our eBikes. Now we want to expand our thinking beyond the company walls and hear from people who like to move and have rad ideas,” Parish said.


From now through 10 a.m. EST Monday, November 26, consumers can visit to submit their ideas. The contest closes at that time.


Here’s what GM is looking for:


  • A simple, smart and bold concept capable of bringing the eBike brand to life.
  • A fun idea capable of being understood around the world that brings "rich personality" to the product.
  • The name must be "smart and provocative" and "compelling to the target consumer."
  • The name must be meaningful in multiple languages.
  • It must be trademarkable.



The folding General Motors ebike, ready to put in the trunk of the all-electric GM car,
the Chevy Bolt. 2018. (Photo courtesy General Motors)


From November 26 through December 7 an internal GM team will judge the entries.


The challenge participant who comes up with the selected eBike brand name will receive US$10,000 and nine other participants responsible for runner-up submissions will each receive US$1,000.


The winners will be announced on January 31, 2019.


The e-bikes will be “smart” and “connected” by GM’s OnStar, the company’s subscription-based communications, in-vehicle security and emergency services feature found in cars.


The electric propulsion on the bikes was designed by GM engineers who created a proprietary drive system.


And the bikes are equipped with safety features including rechargeable front and rear LED lights.


Parish couldn’t say if GM plans to launch a bike-sharing service to showcase these two new e-bike products.


Meanwhile, many other bicycle makers are already offering e-bikes with pedal assist, which help the rider pedal faster for longer distances.


As part of its 2015 “Smart Mobility” plan, Ford rolled out a pair of e-bikes that also folded up and used an iPhone app to enable smart features. Ford GoBikes are now for rent in a handful of cities in and around San Francisco.


General Motors is a global company is "committed to delivering safer, better and more sustainable ways for people to get around." With global headquarters in Detroit's Renaissance Center, GM manufactures cars and trucks in 35 countries.


General Motors, its subsidiaries and its joint venture entities sell vehicles under the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Holden, Baojun, Wuling and Jiefang brands. More information on the company and its subsidiaries, including OnStar, a global leader in vehicle safety and security services, and Maven, its personal mobility brand, is online at


By Sunny Lewis

Environment News Service (ENS)

November 12, 2018