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Multicell inner liner/tire

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Can't Flat is a practical mutlicell solution that is proposed for the flat tire problem:

  1. With a minimum of change, the Can't Flat multicell inner liner can be applied using current tire manufacturing equipment.
  2. A tire insert version may be applied to a finished tire for aftermarket installation.
  3. The tire, with its integrated multicell liner, can be inflated and deflated in the ordinary manner using a circuit of miniature one-way valves, yet
  4. when the tire valve is closed, the cells are mutually isolated from one another and from the tire’s main chamber. Thus, a puncture may affect only one cell which constitutes only a small percentage (1-5%) of the overall tire volume.
  5. The number of cells in the cell assembly can be well over 100 for a passenger car tire, yet connect via a single tube to the tire valve.


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