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Profile versus community

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Our "OPEN MCB" plateform community is working on the principle of silos linked to a subject. Which means that we can create sub communities for dedicated topics and have people joining this sub community. That's great.


Nevertheless, in each of these communities we are gathering expertise that could react and bring their knowledge, not only on the sub communities they are working on but also on other sub communities or ephemeral topics.


Concretely, we could better use each of us "profiles" (expertise domains, personal skills, company experiences, ...) to support, help others. For example it would be easier to be able to ask support from Michelin staff if any question on the new CrossClimate innovation, or ask support from chemist skills if any purpose on this topic.


The point is that this is different to build a sub community with permanent people and having sometimes the ability to request temporary people to bring their support on some topics.


This could be a good way to leverage the existing people knowledge.


What do you think ?


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