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    Hyundai: The Empty Car Convoy

    Anthony Le Bleis

      Here an impressive video on autonomous cars.


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          Alexandre Echalier

          Very impressive, thank you Anthony Le Bleis. I don't know why i'm still suspicious about how the technology work ! But I think it is because I don't understand the entire process.


          This video could appreciated by Jean-François Bruneau Hugo Bois Hélène van Rossum Didier Rougeyron

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            Thank you Anthony Le Bleis. I once tried this technology in the PMG Essay Field in Blainville, Quebec. But thanks it was at a lower speed! That was back in 1999 ... so as a young adult, I was not so scared!

            I don't know about this one, but I'm pretty sure it uses the same simple technology: it needs a radar unit (same as police car have to detect your speeding when coming contraflow to them) placed in front, near the bumper. The radar sends a hemispherical signal and catches it back. So it is able to detects speed of objects no matter where they are located, on the contrary to LIDAR (laser gun type) police uses on side of the road. Those LIDAR need to be aimed perfectly at the target, since it is one straight single light emission.

            The radar is also able to derive speed of itself (when used in a moving vehicle) and also to read and derive the speed of moving objects around the radar. The crash avoidance detection system is apart from the radar and it uses the data coming from the radar. It figures out that the vehicle in front has a very sudden decreasing speed, therefore immediately adapting by braking to avoid collision.