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    The psychology of driving a car

    Virginie Stellmacher

      A well functioning interaction between driver and vehicle is vital in road traffic. The progressing technical automatisation of vehicles is an aid but can also be a challenge.


      Together with his team of engineers and informaticiens, the new professor of human Factors at the University of Ulm, Martin Baumann tests the most modern driver assistance systems. “From a psychological perspective, driving a car is very hard work”, says Prof. Baumann, “ the driver had to process a high number of information data basically at the same time, create a mental image of the situation, and decide within fractions of a second on how he will react”. Baumann and his team at the University of Ulm analyse the interaction between drivers and their driver assistance system and try to develop systems which aid the driver without taking away his capability to decide. In order for a technical system to be accepted, it must first be understood by the humans using it”, says Baumann. Man and machine must communicate effectively with each other and coordinate their reactions.


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