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    Aluminum-Air Battery Gives This EV A 1,000 Mile Range

    Emmanuel IGIER

      Battery company Phinergy and aluminum miner Alcoa have teamed up and debuted an EV with a 1,000-mile range. So how’d they do it? The secret is air.

      Using a Citroen C1 as the base vehicle, Phinergy and Alcoa co-developed an aluminum-air battery pack that, when combined with an additional lithium-ion battery pack gives it a total driving range of about 1,000 miles. So what’s an aluminum-air battery? It uses aluminum as the anode and oxygen as the cathode with a water-electrolyte solution that is depleted as you drive.

      But you don’t “recharge” this EV in the traditional sense, at least not entirely. While the standard lithium-ion battery pack needs to be plugged in to charge, the aluminum-air battery is recharged by replacing aluminum cartridges. That means no waiting around for the battery to reach full capacity; just swap some cartridges and you’re good to go.


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