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    Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

    Anthony Le Bleis

      mercedes-benz-future-truck-2025.jpgMercedes-Benz has created its Future Truck 2025 study to provide a glimpse of the shape of things to come in the trucking industry.


      Mercedes-Benz believes that in ten years’ time, trucks could be driving autonomously on highways with fuel efficiency set to improve tremendously alongside reductions in emissions.


      In terms of design, the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 study combines function, efficiency and emotion in a fascinating way. As a result, it is unlike any other truck on the market. It incorporates flowing and curved surfaces while also including a completely new lighting design. When the driver is behind the wheel and in control of the truck, the headlights and front grille are illuminated white while when in autonomous driving mode, these lights change to blue.



      Here the video of the first test drive:




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          Anthony Le Bleis

          Mercedes-Benz claims this technology will be viable in a decade.


          Questions remain, though, about how long it could take for regulatory measures to be put in place.


          Also, some of the technology advertised here would require significant investment in infrastructure to allow the truck to detect traffic conditions and construction well ahead of time.


          What do you think of this truck? What do you think of the probability to cross this kind of trucks in the near future?


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              Andy Shoun

              I'm very excited about the potential for this kind of technology.  The fuel savings and efficiency improvements should pay for the technology and allow us to reach economies of scale that will allow this technology to progress to the automobile market.  I think increasing traffic density by linking autonomously driven vehicles is an important potential feature of this technology.


              I don't know about our law allowing this type of vehicle.  The representative on the video said it well.  Who ever makes it legal first will be ahead of the rest.  That should provide ample incentive for governments to move forward.