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    Five things we can do with cheap oil

    laurence Ullmann

      The Canadian columnist OLE HENDRICKSON has a few good ideas of the way Canadians can spend their money besides filling up their tanks with cheap oil and driving to the US for mad shopping sprees! All in favor of tomorrow!!!


      1. Tax it -- yes -- a carbon tax!

      2. Use carbon tax revenues to build greener infrastructure

      3. Build a high-speed rail line between Windsor and Quebec City

      4. Spruce up our cities with architecturally appealing and energy-efficient public buildings

      5. Develop a comprehensive national energy strategy that engages all levels of government


      To read this article, go to: Five things we can do with cheap oil | rabble.ca


      And you, do you have good ideas about how to spend the money that is NOT put in your car as a result of falling oil prices?

      What do you thinkJean-François BruneauOlivier DarioHugo BoisAntoine FeralAlexandre Echalier?

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          As an economist, I would say that carbon tax revenus should be use to replace distortive taxes such as labour taxes.

          In my own point of view, I would say : 1/3 to replace labour tax, 1/3 to invest in low carbon infrastructures and 1/3 for inclusive mobility policies.

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              laurence Ullmann

              Thanks Hugo Bois for this answer.  I think your approach is very interesting and that it could offer a good way to move out of the "tax ditch" we are in. At a time where any new tax, at least in France, is to be perceived as too much, doing away with a revenue tax and replacing it with a carbon tax would make sense and would probably be more equitable and efficient. What do you think Christian de PerthuisBénédicte Meurisse?

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                Bénédicte Meurisse

                I agree with the three different ways to use the tax revenues identified by Hugo. Nonetheless I think that the repartition (cf 1/3, 1/3, 1/ given by Hugo) is not a rule...For instance, and in my opinion, to what extent the tax revenues have to by recycled into new infrastuctures funding depends on the balance between the needs of the society and the existing transportation system.....but actually such a balance has to be found, ot at least has to be sought, for all categories of people (eg. men/women, immigrants/non immigrants, couples with children vs single person, individuals with a differnet level of education, individuals from a different social and profesionnal category....)

                The same resonning applies for "to what extent the tax revenues have to be recycled through a decrease in labor taxes?"....

                This is the only way to conclude whether the tax revenues recycling is equitable.....

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                Thanks laurence Ullmann for this article. Although I agree with both the article and support the proposal of Hugo Bois, I regret that the only corporate supporters of a carbon tax here, in Canada (oil and gaz companies), are at the same time claiming revenues from the tax ... Their argue is to invest in research and development of (slightly) greener energy sources or technologies. But their support is therefore conditional to getting back the money ...


                Gaz is gaz and a carbon tax must be returned to non-carbon usage or users. It also seems unfair to develop a carbon tax scheme that will compensate someone using a small car vs a big one, rather than compensating walking and cycling.