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    This innovative seat concept could be the future of car design

    Anthony Le Bleis


      Vehicle technology is constantly being improved, and it’s far more than just the engines and safety features.

      Even seats come under scrutiny, and a new design under development could dramatically change the way car interiors are built. Called a loft seat, its modular construction is unlike anything being produced right now.


      “We have seen modular concept designs in the past, and its day has arrived,” says Peter Cansfield, principal industrial designer for automotive supplier Johnson Controls, which developed the loft seat.

      The concept seat also includes a multi-level centre console with a high armrest for comfort, along with wireless device charging, and cupholders that telescope out of the console to hold taller mugs when needed, but can be pushed back down and out of the way when they’re not required.

      The loft seat’s support beam works the same way, allowing the automaker to eliminate one of the lower crossmembers. This, plus the modular seat’s lighter weight when compared to a traditional seat, can potentially reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, which in turn improves fuel economy.

      In future, Cansfield says, the seat’s support beam could be made out of strong, but even lighter materials, such as aluminum or carbon fibre.