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    Paris Anti Pollution Plan

    laurence Ullmann

      Anne Hidalgo, Paris' Mayor, just announced her anti pollution plan at horizon 2020. While ambitious, this plan is being seen as too constraining by some, and insufficient by her opponents.
      The measures just voted include:

      • by July 2015 all pre-2001 trucks and buses will be forbidden entry in the French capital between 8:00am and 8:00pm
      • By July 2016, will be forbidden all vehicles dating back to 1997 and before. This measure concerns one car out of seven, according to the Paris City Hall. 2-Wheelers registered in 200 and before will also be subjected to this measure.
      • Between 2017 and 2020, this measure will be extended to more models , including diesel cars registered before 2011.

      In addition, Paris plans on creating new urban low emission zones (to know more about LEZs, see Michelin Challenge Bibendum Green Paper "Launch Innovative mobility to drive growth and urban well-being"). To counteract the difficulties such measures could pose, the City will offer incentives and funds in the amount of EURO 1.7 billion to help private and professionals users to swap older vehicles for newer, cleaner ones, to benefit from reductions on Carshare subscriptions or to equip condos with charging stations, secure bicycle parks, etc.


      These measures, while supported by many citizens of the Greater Paris area, are being hailed as too weak by the opposition who claims that, with comparison to London where all trucks dating back to 2006 and before are already banned, these measures are too timid and too late.


      To read more on this topic (in French), please go to http://www.lesechos.fr/politique-societe/regions/0204144909381-paris-le-plan-anti-pollution-dhidalgo-adopte-1091549.php?cykSQHXvS1EFuAuH.99#xtor=RSS37


      Do you think this plan is ambitious enough, just a few months before the all important COP21 meeting due to take place in Paris in December 2015?Adrien RougierThe specified item was not found.Victor CLEMENTGuillaume Becourt

      Hugo BoisPatrice PersonJean-François BruneauEric BergerEric LEYVALBénédicte MeurisseArsène Lefevre FarcyFrançois d'Andigné?

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          Sorry to answer you that laurence Ullmann but it is never enough.

          Anyway, I really believe we're going in the right direction and need to communicate on that for COP21. It takes more time to change behaviors and habits (Behavioral change is a long and sustainable process) than to implement a new policy (Policy is a short process and possibly changeable). So I guess we need to coordinate both. It is just a beginning. Be positive.

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            Alexandre Echalier

            Thank you Laurence ULLMANN


            This summary is interesting ! I guess it is not enouh but a good start as Hugo Bois said.

            Concerning diesel engine is not as drastical as it was when she anounced her plan, Diesel cars have to meet European and international standards (Euro 5 and Euro 6).

            It will aslo probably stilmulate the car industry !

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              Alexandre Lac

              Thank you for the presentation of the plan.


              I think this is a good first step for mobility evolution in Paris. It was not possible to change everything overnight. This plan will require mobility stakeholders to find news solutions, and anticipate the development of such measures.


              But i think it is needed, while technical progress for sustainable mobility continues to wising, society and politics are wondering what is the best method of producing a more sustainable energy. For now, all existing solutions ask new questions : recycling, waste management, area required to achieve production of sufficient energy...