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    Uber 911 - uber saving lives

      Today in New York an Uber arrives in an average of 2.2 minutes compared to 10 minutes for an ambulance. This article proposes a partnership between Uber and basic first aid training institutions to help Uber drivers respond in time-sensitive emergency situations - acute cardiac arrest for example. Every minute defibrillation is delayed decreases a victim's liklihood of survival by 7-10%. By providing Uber taxis with defibrulators and drivers with basic training, many more lives could be saved. An innovative idea to hack a taxi service and help save lives!


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          Richard Dujon

          according to "les statistiques des services d'incendie et de secours-2011" the average time of the arrival emergency after the diffision Alert is 10min 27s, knowing that when making first aid, explains that the goal is to 8min where we are in France, for all the reasons you've explained previously. times secour in New Yok may meadows are the same as in France.

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            Thanks Richard for your reply. It seems like something that could be applicable in many different places. I'm skeptical about trusting medical care to non-medical professionals but getting equipment that a lot of people know how to use such as defibrillators, epipens, or inhalers for anaphylactic shock or asthma attacks to those who need them quickly could be an interesting side use of Uber. Though I'm not sure how this would work in practice - imagine not knowing if you're going to arrive to an emergency scene or a regular taxi pick up!