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    Ryanair announces plans for transatlantic expansion with flights as low as £10

      Ryanair is launching transatlantic flights with extraordinarily low projected fares as part of a 5 year growth strategy. The airline claims this could open up a whole new market for transatlantic travel - weekenders. One of the hurdles Ryanair must overcome is obtaining long-haul aircrafts.


      The idea of opening up very inexpensive long haul flights might be counter-intuitive to the idea of sustainable mobility but what do you think the implications are for aircraft innovation? I imagine that traditional airplanes with high fuel fees will not be able to sustain the prices Ryanair is proposing. Other carriers that have tried this have ended up going out of business. Do you think the increased interest in low cost airplane travel could spur a trend toward less fuel-reliant aircraft design through the incorporation of solar energy or other energy options?



      Ryanair plans to offer flights between Europe and the US | Travel | The Guardian


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