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    Mercedes self-driving car

      They sure make it look like a sweet ride!



      Mercedes-Benz TV Commercial, 'Self-Driving' - iSpot.tv

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          Anthony Le Bleis

          thank you Laura! Here an other video from Bosch.The concept vehicle shows how the interaction between an automated vehicle and its driver could work. Accompany Philip, a young professional, on his journey to the airport, and see how the user interface of his vehicle .


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              Philippe Baronti

              Thanks Anthony Le Bleis

              I see many risks with such tools:

              1° switching from automated to manual modes seems very dangerous to manage and overall very complex to handle. Self-driving must be as easy as possible, let's say binary.

              2° If you have an auto-cruise on your car, you can already noticed that with a few buttons it can already be risky when traffic is becoming heavier. So switching to different modes is boring and confusing.

              3° Many information are displayed on the screen: Too many information is killing information.

              4° The screen forces you to stop looking at the road, which add to the concentration loss

              5° When I will switch on self driving mode, I want to be totally safe, comfortable and confident. Here I will have the feeling that I need to look at the screen always due to so many information displayed.

              So, I want to say that I am not sure that intermediate self-driving tools coudl work. What do you think ?

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                  Thanks Phillippe! I agree with you. The switching between manual and automatic while driving scares me. I realize it's a bit like cruise control but somehow going from having your hands completely off the steering wheel to back on seems dicey.


                  I agree about the screen as well. There seems to be a lot going on. I also think it's dangerous to have people regain control of the car after having been watching videos and not paying attention to the road conditions. I've gotta say this video has made me feel a lot more nervous than most of the other self-driving videos i've seen so far.


                  What do other people think?


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                      Didier Rougeyron

                      I agree with you that switching from automated to manual modes causes a shift in the quality of the driver's attention that could be dangerous. The experience of the regulator is significant, as we have all seen I think. If an unexpected problem occurs, reaction time is about 1 s more, according to a study published in July 2013 by the University of Strasbourg: http://french.peopledaily.com.cn/Sci-Edu/8326444.html


                      ... But also an increased frequency of drowsiness (+ 25%) and keeping less rigorous course. I think we can compare the situations. On the other hand, truck drivers readily say that using too much assistance on their vehicles or using alternate modes dissipate their concentration. Human beings need time to adapt, it is this gap which can be problematic.

                      Another risk mentioned by Philippe Baronti - and I totally agree- is the fascination created by a screen always moving. Yes, too much information kills information! And chiefly the attention of the driver.