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    Are windshields the ultimate screen opportunity?


      This video shows a new navigation toy created by Navdy. While still in its infancy the technology opens the door to a booming industry of in-car gadgetry working to make driving as fun as possible.


      What do you think of gadgets like these? Should companies be going down this route of integrating communications devices into cars more fully?


      Read more about this technology here:  Windshield devices bring distracted driving debate to eye level



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          Thank you Laura for sharing this question with us. It has indeed sparked several opposite reactions. It is true that the benefit of multitasking in one's car is immense. Multitasking is still, however,  dividing one's attention on the simultaneous tasks at hand, even though this effect is reduced by focusing the driver's attention on his windshield. Nevertheless, at the beginning windshields will only contain data specific to driving. but how long before it becomes our smartphone's "new" screen is covered in trivial information and even advertisement. Surely this defeats the safety purpose of such a technology. Don't you agree that new legislation will be a necessity? I do still believe that this technology is going to offer connected mobility with great opportunities.

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            Philippe Baronti

            Thanks for that 2050 video. What !!! you mean it exists ? Waou I will order 2 right now.

            Thanks Laura Gillies for this video. Very well done like pitchman (bonimenteur in French).

            Seriously, I have one comment, coming from my years of being motor-biker. It is false to say that we must look straight on. Most of the time we should looks right and left by turning the head instead of just looking at rear-view mirrors.This is something each of us could remember from our learning period but also based on real life driving. So, what I want to say is that not only I agree with Joannes Chapot to be careful with disturbing activities while driving and waiting for self driving cars, but I want to emphasis that such kind of tools could even reduce our capability to turn the head to check each time we are turning right or left (at least).

            Nevertheless, it should be my geek dark side, it sounds great ;-)

            Didier Rougeyron, Alexandre Echalier, Hugo Bois, what do you think ? You also need one ? ;-)

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              Didier Rougeyron

              Oh yes it is certainly an attractive gadget, also a bit too much for safe driving, sorry for your "geek dark side" Philippe Baronti! Otherwise of course the head should stay mobile and not attracted by moving images that distract your vision on the road and dangers them very real. Your projection is entirely plausible Joannes Chapot. How long before futile information appears? Can you imagine advertising with a nice jingle: "support for this right turn is offered by Google"??

              I still fear that this type of tool will be gradually infiltrated into our "cockpits", of course for the good cause (safety) mostly "to make driving as fun as possible" as you say Laura Gillies, thank you for this question!