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    FCVs driving further and further: How achieving it?

      How increasing the range of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles? The electric energy produced by an H2 molecule is a constant. Thus increasing the energy stored in a H2 tank consists in increasing the number of molecules per volume unit. The best would be to store hydrogen in its liquid state but we know this is only possible at a temperature below -253 °C... not so easy!


      A simpler way can be to increase the pressure inside the tank: 300 Bars was the standard until 2005 then 700 Bars was more and more adopted on the prototypes. In 2015, the Japanese Governement is going to allow the use of a 875 Bar tank for the FCVs. (Source Alphea Hydrogène)


      Thus the range of a mid size FCV (like Toyota Mirai for example) could be around 750 km.


      What do you think of this higher pressure? Are you comfortable with that? Are you confident in those who calculate these tanks? Do you think the risk is not very different between 700 and 875 Bars? Are you ready to use such a FCV?