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    Technology that alerts sleepy drivers to prevent accidents


      "SINGAPORE — Cars may soon be able to tell if a distracted or sleepy person is behind the wheel, and warn the driver or activate cruise control. By installing a camera and eye-tracking sensors, researchers at the BMW-Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Future Mobility Research Lab hope to prevent car accidents due to distracted drivers.

      They will soon test the technology on two cars provided by the BMW Group for three years — the all-electric BMW i3 and plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i8 — as part of a S$1.3 million injection of funds by NTU and the German carmaker.

      Initiated in 2013 with funding of S$5.5 million, the lab has almost doubled in size, from 17 to 32 professors, post-doctorate and PhD students. The original research areas are in advanced battery, driver enhancement and intelligent mobility.

      The new cars will support two new research areas: Electromobility in Asia and smart materials. “Singapore is arguably the perfect place for electromobility ... and for research of it to be conducted,” said Mr Axel Pannes, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia, at the launch at NTU today (June 29)."

      Source: Researchers to test technology that could help prevent car accidents | TODAYonline