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    Unleash Your Rrrr! The Volkswagen Golf R Campaign

      "The idea behind the Golf R ‘Unleash Your Rrrr’ was simple. As children, we’ve all played with toy cars, and the power of our imaginations allowed us to turn rugs into expressways and wooden floors into slick racetracks. Our voice would act as the engine. Fast forward to today where we now have the power of technology to enhance our imagination, and to visualize the power of our voice."

      VW has launched a first-of-its-kind campaign that utilizes artificial intelligence to allow users to drive a virtual Golf R with the sound of their voice. Unleash your Rrrr uses an artificial intelligence subset of machine learning known as deep learning, which was developed in-house at Deutsch LA, to analyze each person’s unique vocal pitch as they do their best impression of a car engine roar.

      The interactive web app then generates a customized, shareable film of the turbocharged Golf R speeding round a racetrack. It is shown drifting, braking and performing other stunts in sync with the sound of the user’s voice.


      Source: The Volkswagen Golf R Runs on the Power of "Vroom"

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          Can you imagine being able to control your car with the sound of your voice? It would be the car-version of Siri..


          Volkswagen's campaign gives you a first taste of that, you can even make your own video! http://rrr.vw.com/#main


          This would be a revolution for the handicapped people who are unable to drive today.. What other uses do you think it could have? and what would be the biggest obstacles in your opinion?


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              Thank you Marielle Khayat for bringing up this issue. I know a lot is being done inside a car to change the channel by which commands are given to the car whether it be for the entertainment system or secondary functions such as air conditioning, windshield wipers or lights. Voice activation is what seems as the most natural solution, especially with the quality of the voice recognition software we have today. Nevertheless, interior noises in a car, combined with all the vibrations, are quite an obstacle to perfect voice recognition. I believe that perfect voice recognition is necessary though. What happens if when asking to bring the volume up, the front lights actually go out? Or other confusing mix-ups? The consequences could be dangerous or even fatal. Another problem today is the type of the orders themselves. No two car makers would have the same commands, which would confuse drivers from one car to the next. With all these potential problems, I believe that it is more practical to concentrate the commands and switches of all these functions on the steering wheel.

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                Didier Rougeyron

                The voice command makes its entrance to our cars and it is only the beginning. How to use these new technologies without disturbing the driver as this is rightly mentioned by Joannes Chapot? On the other hand, a driver who shares a passionate conversation with passengers can be really focused on his conduct? The Focus model by Ford can be delivered with the multimedia system "Sync 2", in which you can say "I am hungry" to ask it to look for the closest restaurants. With the solution "InSeam", it becomes possible to choose the musical title to listen to, to answer to a SMS, to choose the GPS destination or to update the status Facebook as we can see on this video :

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                Philippe Baronti

                Thanks Marielle Khayat. To make it short, I would agree with you that there are some potential but I see that more as a plus than really to drive the car with the voice. For some function this could be even safer. For example let's look at the GPS. We should never have to make any manual action but using our voice to ask to find another path or to find the closest petrol station (oups electical sstation), then I see the interest. I would agree with Joannes Chapot about the current noisy car environment and I would add that in term of reaction it is much faster to make manual action than to explain to the car what you need to do.

                So I am with Didier Rougeyron .