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    "Rethinking Mobility": The General Motors PACE Forum

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      Future mobility leaves a world of possibilities. General Motors has consistently challenged itself to develop the car for the future, but has often passed on the task to young, bright students with fresh ideas.


      For the first time ever, Brazil will host the GM PACE Forum, or Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering. The PACE Forum will include students from across the globe to discuss this year’s theme of “Rethinking Mobility.”


      The event will be held at the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo, with students from the U.S., China, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Italy and Israel attending the forum. The program will feature two GM guest speakers for the 350 students attending.


      Source: Brazil To Host General Motors PACE Forum | GM Authority

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          It is not the first time that students are encouraged to think about the mobility of the future.

          In fact, the fact that they are not yet "molded" into the more traditional ways of thinking, they tend to be more ambitious and hence more innovative.


          Who else do you think should also have a voice in shaping the mobility of the future? Do you think that having people from other areas of expertise brainstorm on the subject could bring in new ideas?- I am thinking of areas that have nothing to do with the traditional mobility industry, areas such as music for instance.. What do you think?


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              Thank you Marielle Khayat! Today, with digital tools and the era of open sourcing, markets are open to just about everyone. Tesla sharing its patents with everybody is proof of that. Any company can poach the right researchers, find the right subcontractor, and manufacture his or her own series of electric car. Ok, I might be overdoing it with the example, but you get my point. A holistic approach must be taken when possible (most of the time) when thinking about the future of any sector, especially one as traversal as mobility. For example, cars will be autonomous in the next 20 years, so music can play a larger role in the passengers' on board experience. Furthermore, in addition to technical input, each company has its own business model, and that is another resource. Different business models exist from the collaborative economy to the more traditional capitalistic economy. Having a diversity of business models from various sectors to study, will allow a better understanding of the future of the sector.

              Thus the relevance of conducting large brainstorming sessions with students; the whole idea is to think outside the box, as far as we want. The companies will then due the knowledge management part, separating the impossible from the potential.

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                Didier Rougeyron

                Totally agree with you Marielle Khayat! We are entering a new age of mobility and a transversal approach is desirable. We are moving from a transportation archetype, that is to say an optimization of the displacement according to a paradigm of "mobile life". This transformation, which digital is a determining factor, upsets the uses and values, to our representations of space and time. I believe we must be attentive to the voices of the architects, planners, artists, sociologists, etc., to develop a holistic vision of mobility as says Joannes Chapot.

                Who could have imagined such a few years ago, the city of Paris would engage in such a drastic policy of reducing car? Or that Apple decides to get involved, after Google in electrical and autonomous mobility?

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                  Didier Rougeyron

                  The car offers great service and will always exist. But we must use reason: today, designed to carry 4-5 people and their luggage, it is mainly used by individuals and two thirds of car trips are less than three kilometers!


                  This excellent book (in French) by Georges Amar, published at the end of last year, can help us to think about a more sustainable and responsible mobility. The author conducted the research and innovation of a large transport company. He is also a writer and artist.