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    Participate in the "Autonomous Transport" Workshop at ITS Congress!

    Virginie Stellmacher

      Autonomous vehicles will very soon be part of our daily life. To prepare for and understand the issues and mechanisms, we offer you a two-dimensional thinking based on business opportunities and usages.


      Join us on Thursday, October 8 afternoon for two workshops to debate on driverless solutions!


      WORKSHOP 1 / 14H - 16H: What driverless solutions offers between now and 2030?

      Objective: Position the 13 use cases on a matrix (time/business) to build together a road map by 2030

      WORKSHOP 2 / 16H - 18H: Let’s imagine driverless mobility services by 2030

      Objective: Build usage scenarios based on the 13 use cases, for 6 types of territory by 2030

      These workshops will be the continuation of the "Automated Transport" community of interest (hosted on MCB Community) which has been working for several months now on this topic.