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    Combining transportation means for a smarter mobility

      "(...)But three months later Fields is in Silicon Valley, painting a much different vision of the future, one in which traffic congestion and pollution threaten the very idea of car ownership. “In many cities driving your personal car from home to work simply doesn’t work,” he says, showing off a family of electric bikes that fold like a jackknife and plug into the back of a Ford vehicle. When traffic snarls, you park the car and ride the bike the rest of the way. Ford designed three versions of the e-bikes and is now testing them in London, where motorists who drive into the central city between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. pay a “congestion charge” of $18 a day.


      The bikes are paired with a smartphone app that provides directions plus real-time information on weather and traffic–even potholes to avoid. When you need to make a turn, the left or right handle vibrates accordingly. If you’ve got a smartwatch, the app can measure your heart rate while you pedal. If you’re laboring too hard, the e-bike will do more of the work, so you can arrive pumped up, not overheated and sweaty."

      Source: How Ford CEO Mark Fields is Channeling Henry Ford to Solve Society's Mobility Problems