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    Carmakers Have a New Plan: Sell Fewer Cars


      "General Motors has a new pitch to young consumers: Don’t buy a GM.


      “Whether it’s sharing vehicles or sharing rides, the potential exists to create a much more efficient opportunity for mobility,” said Peter Kosak, executive director of GM’s urban-mobility program. “When we talk about it in an automotive context, it’s about providing access and options beyond ownership, or even as an alternative to ownership.”

      Automakers have increasingly embraced a role as not just manufacturers of vehicles, but as cogs within a bigger commuting mix that doesn’t have to include a personal car. BMW, GM, and Ford are among those getting in on car-sharing platforms. Daimler, which already owns the car-sharing outfit Car2Go, recently acquired Uber competitor RideScout. Ford has even talked up the potential of electric bikes.

      It’s all under the buzzword of “mobility.”


      Kosak said that young consumers might well turn into car owners later in life, and he acknowledged that GM can try to hook them early. But for now, he said, the main push is just to figure out how to adapt to a changing world.

      “Consumers love automotive mobility and personal mobility,” he said. “The trick is to work … in a different way than in the past—a design-build-sell model. People love personal mobility; we’ve just got to deliver.”

      Source: NationalJournal