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    what "Uber" kind digital solutions to optimise logistic performance?

    xuan LIU

      The weak link of Chinese economy efficiency is it logistic cost.

      Last September, Michelin Challenge Bibendum organised a seminar in French Ministry of Sustainable Development between a leading Chinese in-goverment think tank CCUD (China Center of Urban Development) and a dozen French big companies and institutions.

      One of the eye-catching point of this seminar is that the leading person of the CCUD delegation, which is an urban transportation expert participating in the elaboration of the 13th Five-Year Plan in China, confirmed that one of the growth potential for gaining efficiency in Chinese economy is to enhance the logistic industry's performance. He has also said that according to their analyses, the renaissance of American economy is motored by its relatively low logistic cost. According to this same responsible, with its lower human and environment cost Chinese logistic cost is still two to three times more expensive than that of America.


      A US-invested online plate-form like Uber target to help bring down the logistic cost in emerging economies in Asia.

      I learned very recently the existence of a start up "OpenPort"  invested and led by some middle-age US managers, some with more than a dozen years' director experience in worlds' leading logistic companies. Their technologies links directly shipper and carrier, and also permit to track the real-time location of the goods transported and to have real-time communication between the two parties.

      With office in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, India, USA (the investor's home country) and Pakistan, their targeted market is almost uniquely the emerging economies where they find the most strong need and marge for lowing the logistic cost. Site of this start up: About us - OpenPort


      Philippe Barreaud Yann DE PARSCAU Patrice Person What do you think of this? By the way, if you need the detailed resume of the seminar with CCUD above mentioned, please just let me know.