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    How could big companies integrate a shared mobility to their ecosystem ?

    Albane Floren

      Ouishare and SNCF recently published a study to better understand how shared mobilities could efficiently contribute to lower the CO2 emissions of transports.


      They present in this study possible evolutions of mobility and scenarios for 2050. To build this analyze, they used the results of a survey conducted by IFOP between june & july 2015. Three possible futures emerged :

      • "Ultramobility" : "Always faster, always further"
      • "Altermobility" : "Move differently"
      • "Proximobility" : "Proximity as a quality of life"


      The achievement of one of the scenario will then depend of the choices that will be undertook in relation to the trends currently observed on mobility and transport.


      Only one scenario, "Proximobility", seems to achieve the national goal to reduce by four the national greenhouse gas emissions.


      Based on these 3 scenarios, it would be interesting to know what choices big companies, such as SNCF for instance, will decide to make and towards which scenario they are they heading ?


      For more information about this study and details of the three scenarios, you can have access to the presentation on slideshare by clicking on the following link : Vers une mobilité sobre en c02 une opportunité pour mieux vivre ? (This study is only available in French)