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    Top urban mobility solutions presented to a delegation of Chinese experts

    Victor Fontaine

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      "On Friday 22 January 2016, Dr. Yanying Li (Project Coordinator of Viajeo Plus) presented the project and ten of the top innovative and sustainable urban mobility solutions assessed, to a delegation of Chinesse high level experts from private sector, local governments and universities."


      " This activity took place within the EU Study Tour on Urban Mobility and Air Quality launched by the European Commission’s "


      "The organisers are confident that the tour will provide the Chinese guests with a wealth of knowledge, new contacts and opportunities for co-operation."

      Chinese guests showed interest in project carried out in the EU and brought some insights regarding their own habits and projects.

      Source : http://erticonetwork.com/top-urban-mobility-solutions-presented-to-a-delegation-of-chinese-experts/

      For more information about The EU Study Tour :

      European Union Study Tour on Urban Mobility and Air Quality | Ecorys