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    Switzerland could create an underground freight network

    Quentin Elixander

      In order to limit trafic on roads and rail networks, but also to reduce pollution, a private consortium proposes to build a network of tunnels for goods transportation. To achieve this, three-way tunnels of 6 meters diameter will be build 50 meters underground.



      Automated driverless vehicles will circulate at a speed between 30 and 60kph. They will be exclusively dedicated to the transportation of goods. "Crates or pallets of goods can be loaded into the system or fully unloaded at the access points, they would then be distributed to the downtowns, using silent and ecological vehicles," says statement published by the consortium.





      "CO2 emissions per ton of goods will be reduced by 80% and the system will exclusively use renewable energy."



      Though the bill looks high, funding should be provided entirely by the private sector.